Blending the Elements

Now that you understand about the elements in their separate respects from the last post, what happens when you blend them? In your every day life you most likely interact with all of the elements once, if not several times whether in passing or with the people in your every day life. To understand the positives, negatives, and how to control your natural element will just add to your awareness…

Fire and Fire
When fire meets fire, it results in higher heat and hotter flames. It may even cause an explosion that damages all in its path that can consume everything and burn out quickly – or it can light the darkness with its positive glow. This control lies in the decision of the torch holder.

Air and Air
When air meets air, there are no barriers and things flow with ease. The blend of these two mental signs can add up to a beautiful uplifting and intellectual experience. However, if one air is hot and the other cool it can be whipped into a frantic tornado.

Earth and Earth
When Earth meets Earth, they can build themselves in to a tall mountain symbolizing faith and steadfastness – or it can be a dry desert containing no life. When two Earth signs rub each other the wrong way it can cause a damaging earthquake.

Water and Water
When water meets water, there is no resistance causing things to flow into a stream of enlightenment. However, too much water can create a flood drowning all life around.

Fire and Air
Air feeds fire and causes it to burn even brighter, but too much can push it into a frenzy or blow it out completely. If the Fire is overbearing it can use all of the oxygen in the air making it impossible to breath.

Fire and Earth
Most of the times you will be able to figure out which is stronger of the two elements. Earth remains where it is unless moved by someone else, where fire creates its own course. Fire can scorch Earth but can never destroy it. Earth can support fire by giving it a foundation to burn upon but remember if a flame is covered by dirt, it can put out the hottest Fire.

Fire and Water
With a lot of heat fire can evaporate a small amount of water or create it to steam. On the other hand, large amounts of water can put out flames. Instinctively, Fire respects or fears Water and vice versa. Both of them understand the danger of one another. They know that they could completely destroy each other.

Earth and Air
Earth contains Air and needs it. However, Air does not contain earth and does not need it. Earth is obligated to remain where it is and only moves in the event of a quake, where as Air moves freely above it choosing wherever it wants to go. Wind can destroy things with its tornado forces, but it is temporary – the Earth protects the roots in its soil, and things will always return to grow.

Earth and Water
Water is always flowing to find its home. It can find it within the Earth by soaking into it which is a blessing to the Earth because it creates life such as plants, trees, and flowers. Without the enrichment of Water the Earth would be a baron desert. These elements were designed to need each other. However, too much water can create mud which nothing can grow in – and too little water would get lost within the dry dirt.

Air and Water
Air stirs, turns, and can cause waves in the water but then quickly moves away giving the water no control. When Water penetrates the Air it causes moisture and the process creates rain which is needed for life and rebirth in which Air has no control over. There is no choice of these things occurring in either of the elements, so it is better if they just enjoy the ride.

I am sure that by reading the blends above that the keyword is balance, consciousness  control, and restraint.  Becoming self aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is enlightening.  Having the ones around you support them is strengthening.  Each element is gifted with a force , that if used improperly, can hurt others even of our own element.  Remember to respect and love those around you, even if they are very different, to create a harmonious blend.  

Do you see how understanding the elements really does add another dimension? The composition of each of the 12 signs is made up by quadruplicity + the elements + polarities = your composition or what I like to call your “cosmic cocktail”. Tomorrow we will go into 3D by learning about the polarities, and then you will be ready for YOUR “cosmic cocktail”. Stay tuned!

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