They say that the “Happy Birthday” tune may be the most played in the history of all songs.  Honoring the importance of ones birth has been ingraned in us sonce the dawn of time.  There is something very special about each and every single person’s birth.  At the moment you drew your first breath, the stars and planets were in line with the sun in a very specific way, and have not been in that EXACT position since.  This specific placement is what makes someone’s unique “chart”.  For you to get an accurate chart you must know the date, time, and location of your birth. 

Although knowing your entire chart is very interesting, it can get very confusing for someone who does not know that much about astrology, so I will be focusing mainly on the sun signs.  You may be wondering, “What on earth is a sun sign?”.  A sun sign is the particular zone or area of the zodiac that the sun was located at the time that you were born.  Now you are probably wondering, “What is the zodiac?”.  The zodiac is the wheel, pictured above, of the order of the 12 sun signs.  Below is a list of the 12 signs in ORDER (we will talk about the order and its importance in a different post).

  • Aries the Ram – March 21st through April 20th
  • Taurus the Bull – April 21st through May 21st
  • Gemini the Twins – May 22nd through June 21st
  • Cancer the Crab – June 22nd through July 23rd
  • Leo the Lion – July 24th through August 23rd
  • Virgo the Virgin – August 24th through September 23rd
  • Libra the Scales – September 24th through October 23rd
  • Scorpio the Scorpion – October 24th through November 22nd
  • Sagittarius the Archer – November 23rd through December 21st
  • Capricorn the Goat – December 22nd through January 20th
  • Aquarius the Water Bearer – January 21st through February 19th
  • Pisces the Fish – February 20th through March 20th 

You may be wondering why you see your sun sign represented by odd squiggly lines at times.  These lines are called “glyphs”.  A glyph is a symbol that was created for each of the astrological signs.  It is much easier to draw a glyph than the body of a half man half horse Saggitariun which is one of the reasons why they were created.  Each glyph has a meaning behind it that I will explain in further detail in an upcoming post.  You will find an example of each glyph below;

Some astrologers feel that knowing just your sun sign is useless and that you need to know your entire chart to be able to get any real value out of astrology.  I could not disagree more.  Yes, someone’s sun sign is a generalization, but without a person’s chart you can at least gather a general understanding of that person.  Isn’t that way better than knowing nothing?  An individuals sun sign composes about 80 to 90% of their characteristics.  The other 10 or 20% is the rest of their chart that influences their sun sign.  Those other planets that are not your sun sign simply refine the details of your complex personality.  Got it?

In a way having someone tell you what their sun sign is, is like telling you where they are from.  Yes, it is general but I bet after talking to them for a minute you could tell whether they were from New York or Texas.  You would be able to differenciate by the way they spoke, dressed, and even by certain mannerisms.  After learning about the sun signs, you will be able to distinguish the specific differences of the sun signs in the same way.  Please take reasonable caution when applying the knowledge this blog will give you.  Never meet someone, learn their sign, and think you have them all figured out.   

Understanding the 12 sun signs can really bring light to people you know, and ones you are about to meet.  You may even soon feel closer to them.  You are on your way to understanding something that never made sense.  Isn’t that wonderful?

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