Cancer Woman – Scorpio Man

cancer, scorpio


Cancer Woman – Scorpio Man

cancer, scorpio

This woman is not vain or egotistical, but she can come off very misunderstood.  She’s not a huge risk taker, especially when it comes to relationships.  She likes to stay close to shore; that is until she met this man.  She loves the mystery that he is but if she wants to get to know him the way you get to know a Scorpio, she must swim out far far away from the shore where she feels safe, and throw away every fear she has ever had.  These women truly want to be appreciated for exactly what they are, but because of the painful past relationships they can hide in their shell and never truly show what it is they really need.  He doesn’t need her to tell him anything, it’s almost as though he already knows.  And he does.

A Cancer woman wears a shell made of titanium.  If any normal guy tried to get past it, her mood may tend to get crabby and she could even snap her claws at him.  Scorpios love a good challenge.  He can’t wait to get this girl out of her shell.  She may seem a little shy, but he can see straight through her.  In fact when he looks at her, she can almost feel her shell made of solid reservations melt off her body.  He is not a very trusting man either, but when he meets this timid yet hilarious woman he instantly feels at ease.  Many people have probably tagged these two in the past as a little emotionally cold, but deep down they are not in the slightest.  You see with water signs like these two are, they have the deepest of emotions.  When you have emotions like these it is not always easy to share with other people because they may not understand the depth of how you feel things.  No one on the earth is able to control his emotions as well as a Scorpio man.  But when they get together they understand it and are able to swim to the depths together and not even come up for air.  They are sentimental with one another which can bring them both to tears.  Their bond and understanding of one another is really quite deep and beautiful.

So now you understand that these two are not cold at all.  They just simply need their exteriors to protect their soft interiors.  At first she may pull away to protect herself from him because she is falling so fast.  There is no reason for this my Moon Princess, if he is bearing his soft interior to you then you know that this man is there to stay for good.

Scorpios are extreme. Black and white.  He may not seem like it when you first meet him because he is so calm and collect.  The only thing that seems intense about his outward appearance is most likely his penetrating eyes.  Don’t be fooled though, he has practiced this act for a long time.  His insides are as hot as the day is long.  Why am I even telling you this though Cancer…. you already know!  She will find his flaws a little while after they have been together.  He is pretty clear on what he feels strongly about.  He will most likely be jealous, suspicious, and dominating. Her downfalls will be keeping things a secret, possessiveness, and emotional mood swings.  They may sound like terrible problems to have for most people, but this couples downfalls compliment each other.  He is a master of mystery and practically a human lie detector so even if she believes that she is hiding something, she most likely isn’t.  He doesn’t mind her possessiveness one bit, his jealousy makes her feel loved, and she rarely gives him a reason to be suspicious.  He must learn to deal with these mood swings by being extremely sensitive and understanding.  He must use his dominating personality to gently take hold of her lunar swings and make her realize that he can take away any pain she feels.

Sexually he is intense and she is sensitive.  These two love the feeling that they give one another of reassurance and security.  This woman doesn’t have sex when she feels bored, she has sex with this man to become one with him.  It will never need to be talked about because it is so deep and passionate on both the physical and emotional level.  She may even find herself in tears after because of the intense beautiful connection she feels with him. They understand that controlled passion is not passion, so when they are with one another in this sense, it is a freeing feeling of body and soul.  Most people cannot even understand this dimensional and deep lovemaking.  Some will never be experience it.  The deepness of being a water signs is a blessing this way, but a curse in so many others.

When these two fight they will both retreat under their hard exteriors.  What these two need to do is talk it over after things have cooled.  Cooling does not consist of three days either my lovely Cancer, this will only make things worse for your man.  Sometimes it may be hard for these two to communicate because he is a fixed sign and she is a cardinal.  Once a Scorpio has dug their heels in, its hard to get them to move which can be very frustrating for her naturally born leading qualities.  The answer is to not sweep your issues under the rug.  You must do your best to talk and FEEL what the other is trying to communicate.  It is sad to see a couple like this split because they usually miss each other so much that they can become destructive to themselves in the process.

This woman’s fuzzy insides make him feel like he has finally found where he is supposed to be.  This man who is so exhausted of always wearing his protective exterior will finally find comfort and security.  Once she has become his she will never have to worry if she will find a relationship that is as deep as she imagined one could be.  Go swimming in the deep end my Cancerian love, the water’s just fine. 

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