Gemini Woman – Pisces Man

gemini, pisces


Gemini Woman – Pisces Man

gemini, pisces

This woman is a sprite.  Yes a fairy.  She is always flitting about, blowing kisses, and capturing hearts with  her light spirit and star-like eyes.  He will feel uncertain about this woman and her several personalities, not just at first but always.  She will never leave this man bored.  At times he will get a little jealous because she gives her attention to everyone so freely.  He will just have to get used to this if he is in love with this woman.  She is playful and charming girl who cries when people are upset with her, and giggles when she gets her way.  It will not be difficult to get her way with this fish.  He is an understanding man for the most part.  Although, sometimes it is hard to understand what this woman wants.  That is because you aren’t dealing with just one woman, you are dealing with at least two or more.  Patience is where they will have their struggles.  She has as much patience as a little hummingbird that flutters around from flower to flower so fast that you can’t even see it’s wings move. 

A Pisces’s eyes tend to always look deep and lost while a Gemini’s eyes are quick and always searching.  She views things through a three dimensional prism seeing all of the different ways she could go in life to and all of different things she could have for breakfast.  She can actually, in some very strange way, project multiple emotions at once.  Have you ever seen someone laugh and cry at the same time?  That is exactly what I am talking about.  I have a very close Gemini friend and getting ready to go out on a night on the town with her is not exactly what I would call fun.  She probably changes at least five or more times.  How can I blame her though?  She has five people in her head telling her what to wear!  A Pisces man sees things through his eyes a little differently.  His emotions and feelings are deep and he tends to feel the moods of those around him.  So do you see how this could get a little exhausting for this man?  This woman was born into the earth like a bolt of lightning, and hasn’t slowed down since.  She is sparkly and quick like mercury.  He was born tired. He’s a Pisces after all, he is the last Sun Sign on the karmic wheel.  He has an old soul that has been through all of the other 11 signs.

Sometimes she will try to analyze their love for one another.  Do not do this beautiful girl.  He knows that it is not possible and a waste of your time.  Love is love.  It is an abstract thing that cannot be broken down or torn apart in any way.  She will love that sense of security he has about his love and eventually one of her twins will mimic it, but the other one will always be guessing.  She can’t help herself.  However her consistent movement is a good thing in this relationship because it will cause them rarely to bicker.  Before he even has time to bring up something that he is irritated with, she will already be baking him muffins or asking him to go for a run with her.  He will quickly then realize its not even worth ruining the moment over.

Yes, these two’s instinctual natures are very different which can lead to problems.  When a Pisces is hurt they will swim away, and a Gemini woman does not like to be left alone for too long with no one to talk to.  When she is by herself her twins will start to argue with one another… one will say; you shouldn’t of acted like you cared so much… the other one will say; you shouldn’t have been so mean… I’m not mean, I’m being honest… and on and on.  When a Pisces senses this woman battling herself, he will calm her down and let her know that everything is fine.  Here’s the trick for these two; when Gemini talks, listen.  When Pisces feels, sympathize.  You two are both mutable signs so you can definitely hold a hell of a conversation, so talk your problems through with your gift of gab.

When it comes to sex with these two, neither one needs fiery expressions of intensity.  They find intimacy in a much more sweet and sensual way, somewhat like eating a piece of vanilla cake with butter cream icing.  If they want something deeper, she will probably have to learn from him.  Through her spontaneity and his deep tranquility, they can find lovemaking to be exciting yet peaceful all at the same time. 

As different as these two are, they definitely have their similarities.  They love privacy, freedom, art, and music.  Neither really are ones for routine, especially her.  They are also very well known to blow things out of proportion at times, because they are both dreamers.  Her dreams will change once a week, but he will have one big one for a while or forever.  Either way, they will enjoy talking about them often.  He is the dreamer of the zodiac.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, the best inventors and entrepreneurs happen to be Pisces.  She needs someone to listen to her thoughts, puzzles, and ideas so that she can get some help figuring them out.  He can help her with all of those if he takes the time to intently listen to her.  After he listens to her, he won’t feel so lost anymore. He will understand her, and not just one part of her, all of her.  Yes, Geminis may be a little confusing, but like I mentioned earlier never uninteresting.

One word of advice for my Gemini friends is to never tear this man’s dreams down.  He has spent his life building them and wants and needs your honest support. I know it may be hard for you to back one thing 100% because your mind is in a thousand places at once, but you need to focus and do this if you want this man.  If you can speak softly and walk slowly through his dream, which is his life, you will enter a place that is more beautiful than you ever imagined.  It is calm and serene there and probably a place you have been searching for your entire life.  A place that you thought you may never see.  So hold his hand my fairy and walk right into his heart.

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