Leo Woman – Cancer Man

cancer, leo


Leo Woman – Cancer Man

cancer, leo

The Crab and the Lioness.  These two both powerful in very different ways.  Whenever you mix Fire and Water, it can get a little tricky, but if done properly can create a lovely steam bath.  If these two work hard they can exchange a lot of learning from one another, but if not careful, can destroy each other (please refer to previous post of mixing elements for further detail).  His shifty moods can annoy her or even anger her, but the Leo woman has a huge heart and is quick to forgive especially when in love.  Unfortunately, Cancers tend to hold onto things for dear life.  If he could learn from his Lioness how to let go, he would be a much happier man. 

Don’t let me scare you away from this Cancer man, he is gentle, sensitive, and more considerate to her than any other man she has ever known.  He is not controlling and lets her have her way most of the time because he really does care about her feelings.  The Lioness will feel protected from the insensitive, rude, and vulgar people who have offended her and her beautiful ego in the past and present.  When she is with him she hasn’t felt this cherished since she was a child.  At last she finds a man that adores her.  All of this being said, there is still something about their relationship that worries her.  Something that she cannot define.  Almost as though a little voice inside her head is warning her of something.  Warning her of what though?

That little something is her feeling of him being a Cardinal sign (please read previous post on Quadruplicity for further detail).  That means behind his politeness, sweet laugh and wonderful sense of humor, he subtly manages everything in his life…. including her.  He will never project a poor temper or act as a chauvinistic pig, he will just expect her to follow his gentle lead.  Leo women are never intimidated by a direct challenge, in fact it amuses them. 

When you meet this couple you will not believe what I just wrote above.  You will see her huge fiery aura dripping in jewels and covered in sparkles.  Her laugh and presence can fill an entire room, you may not even notice that he is there.  Just remember, that behind the scenes he is actually running the show.  98% of the time he will give in to her fancies and every wish. As far as the other 2%, Her Royal Highness better back down when the Cancer man’s caution overrules her impulsiveness.

This man is kind, sensitive, sympathetic, and mild because after all he is a water sign.  Just don’t ever forget he is also a Cardinal sign.  If the leadership aspect of his sign scares you but you like the rest, go find a Scorpio or Pisces my dear.  Although the Pisces will not have the dependability of the Crab and the Scorpio has that sting that you must tread so lightly around.  Your man will never sting you, he may crawl in his shell for a couple of days, but he will not sting you.  That sounds better… doesn’t it?

You are the sun and he is the moon.  You may have the day, but let him take the night…. capiche? Speaking of day and night, the Lioness may also get this crab to come out of his shell during the day…. intimately that is.  She will bring light to this watery man’s ideas.  Love making is not just for the night time, especially for a Leo.  Physicality he is poetic, perceptive and deep and she is fiery and intense yet still and serene like a hot summers day.  Mix the two together and you get quite the cocktail. 

When these two decide to get married she must remember one thing…. his mother is always a saint.  Cancer men LOVE their mothers, so if you two don’t see eye to eye you may want to work on that…. like now.  A cancer man marries for permanency and the Lioness always takes great pride in being the Queen Wife.  He must let her rule something in this household, after all she is queen of the jungle.  And she will, she will rule her children.  Cancer men make wonderful fathers and Leo women make incredible mothers.  Together, family life will be beautiful and important to them both in similar and different aspects. 

Cancer has an affectionate heart and Leo a generous one.  So Cancer, crawl out of your shell and Leo, swallow your pride because the Lioness does not feel comfortable in the ocean and the Crab does not fit well in the jungle.  Meet each other half way, meet in each others arms where Water and Fire defy the laws of the elements and blend.

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