Virgo Woman – Capricorn Man

capricorn, virgo


Virgo Woman – Capricorn Man

capricorn, virgo

The Virgo woman is anything but desperate to be in a relationship.  In fact, the idea of changing her entire lifestyle to fit someone else’s sounds quite terrible to her.  She is much more comfortable being in a relationship that is looked highly upon by society, so marriage is something that’s very important to her, but she feels like it is a duty to get married.  It feels a little pressured, the thought of marriage, but she is a Virgo.  She will always keep her feet on the ground and her temper cool.  Whenever this woman has a problem she usually hashes it out with herself which is why most Virgos you meet they bite their nails.  Their hamster wheel is ALWAYS going.  Laundry, work, children, sex, cleaning, dishes, cooking, fights with her husband… all of these things make them anxious especially the fighting part.  Virgos get very uncomfortable in fights.  It tends to make them nervous.  Even though Virgos are extremely clean and tidy, not every single one of them are made for homemaking.  Some Virgos believe that the idea of marriage is for the weak minded and that it is not all that its cracked up to be.  However, the idea of being alone and not being able to experience life’s great adventure with someone makes her sad.  Even though you will never hear them say it out loud, they enjoy being needed. 

If the man that she is in love with is a Capricorn all of her analyzing is a waste of her time.  Nine times out of ten, this man will make her an extremely respectable wife.  Most Capricorn men want family life, and put great importance that his children are raised in the absolute best environment possible.  Another reason this Virgo lady will not be able to resist marriage with this man is by the power of the planets.  Both of them are Earth signs and are considered one of the best matches in the zodiac.  Don’t get me wrong, they will still have to work on it like everyone else, but this will be natural and easy. 

When these two first meet there was without a doubt a karmic tug.  My Virgo friend and her Capricorn boyfriend have been together nearly four years now.  From the first day they meet, they haven’t gone a day without speaking to one another.  Things happened fast with them, but it was not overwhelming because it was as though they had known each other all their lives.  That’s just how it is with this match.  Their auras will just blend and lock, and they will just understand each other instantly. It is difficult to get these two apart.  About as hard as it is to untangle a knotted necklace because they communicate so beautifully, and truly enjoy being around one another. 

These two will go out, unless its a school or work night that is, but they prefer to stay at home with one another and work on a project or make love.  They enjoy both of those activities a lot.  When she is in this mans arms she loses all her worry, coolness and detaches from her inhibitions.  He feels similarly while with her.  Whenever she is securely against his chest he feels so deeply in love that it is almost overwhelming.  When two Earth signs get together its powerful, somewhat like an earthquake. 

I spoke earlier about Virgo women not always being the best homemakers… let me expand on that.  When a person hates living in disorder, they don’t enjoy always having to keep things in perfect order.  It can be exhausting for these pristine characters.  Right after they mop the floors and wash the dishes and make the beds, someone is walking in the house with muddy shoes, or eating in the kitchen again, or jumping on the beds.  You see, all Virgos are perfectionists in one way or another.  My mother is an absolute picture perfect Virgo, and a prime example of this.  She used to say that after dinner the kitchen was closed, there were absolutely NO shoes allowed in our house, and she used to pick lint off of our carpet.  My father used to force us to do chores like cleaning the bathroom which was pointless because she would go right in after us and redo it.  We never did a good enough job.  My brothers and I always joke that we will put “Did Wash Your Hands?” on her gravestone.  Even though my mother is neurotic about her house, she doesn’t enjoy housecleaning.  If everything could just stay perfect without her ever having to touch a mop or a broom again, her dreams would come true.  Kind of strange, but that’s just how Virgo women are. 

You wouldn’t pin a Capricorn man as “sensitive”, but with her he really is.  He understands and is patient with her neurotic behavior.  He understands her critical nature because he is actually quite critical on himself as well.  He never comes out and says it nearly as much as she does, but deep down he is always thinking about ways to make himself a better man.  Capricorn men have some of the best work ethic I have ever seen.  They are climbers. 

I have made these two sound as though their relationship is perfect.  It is not.  These two earthly beings have their spats, usually because she is nagging him about something.  This man does not enjoy being nagged.  No man likes it, but this one especially.  Another reason is because this woman is always on the go.  If she’s not reading something, she’s working out.  If she’s not working out, she’s cleaning.  If she’s not cleaning, she wants to have a conversation about the latest thing she learned in the book she’s reading.  Remember what I said earlier about her hamster?  He likes to either be going 100% or resting 100%.  He’s not lazy, that’s just how he does things.  One thing that she may get irritated with is his “me first” attitude.  She may even break things off with him because of this, but these two can’t stay away from each other long.  She will miss the way she feels in his arms, his gruff sense of humor, and even his grumpy moods. 

After these two quarrel all she wants is to lay with him in bed, with her head on his chest and listen to the rain softly fall on the roof.  She remembers how much she loves being his.  She closes her eyes and her rapid mind slows.  She even forgets about that dirty dish in the sink.

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