Virgo Woman – Pisces Man

pisces, virgo


Virgo Woman – Pisces Man

pisces, virgo

So I know this may not sound very romantic, but there is a very good possibility that these two could have been brought together by a pair of shoes. Pisces men rule the feet.  I will have to explain in a later post about what I mean by this, but every Sun Sign rules a certain body part.  So yes, I know it’s a bit strange to comprehend but just follow along the best you can.  So because these wise water signs rule the feet they tend to take good care of them.  Both men and women Pisces love shoes for this particular reason.  All women love shoes, but Pisces take it to a whole new level.  Virgo’s are keen on catching details.  This is why they are so good at giving compliments.  So one day while these two are in line at a hot dog stand she will see this typically tall man and notice how great his shoes are.  When she catches his deep and watery eyes she’ll smile coyly and say, “I like your shoes.”  And that could very well be the start of this captivating relationship.  He will love that she took notice, and of course being that these two are both mutable signs, he will immediately strike conversation with her.  He is obviously at this point a lot more interested in just her shoes.  They will grab their dogs and find a table to eat lunch together at and he will joke about how she probably noticed his shoes because they were so large, Pisces men tend to have big feet no pun intended.  She will laugh her silvery laugh and say, “of course not” which we all know is a lie because Virgos notice everything, but she is doing her best to keep her cool.  They will just talk… a lot.  On a few more dates he will use his romantic Piscean charm to tell her how cold his large feet get at night and she will agree that she can never stay warm herself.  Before you know it they will be spending every night talking and keeping each other warm in bed.  The End….. HA not really.

That cunning clever fish has no problem charming a woman right into his arms, or in this case his bed.  They are one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac.  I dated a Pisces for three years.  Our first date was a concert which is no surprise because Pisces men love the arts.  At this concert I wasn’t really that into him, and then the next thing I knew I was moving in with him two years later.  That’s just kind of how it is with these watery men.  They take you down the depths of their ocean with them and you lose all sense of reality and time.  How that relationship ended is for a later post.  After all this is about Virgo, but not even as cool as she is, this woman can resist the romanticism of this man. 

These two are on the opposite side of the karmic wheel from one another.  Just like how I wrote about Aquarius and Leo, they are naturally drawn to one another like two magnets.  When she is alone with this man she will shock herself how she has such little control with her emotions around this man.  These two are natural lovers, so sex will be something that unites them strongly together.  It will probably be one of the only things these two will never fight about.  Her quiet and earthy passion will really excite him, and their love making never feels like something that is ever demanded.   They are not only natural lovers but these two are not ones you would ever call selfish. 

That does not mean that these two are good at sharing.  Confused?  Let me explain.  Money.  She will tend to find his spending habits repulsive at times.  I don’t blame her.  My ex used to buy rounds and rounds of shots for his friends.  He always paid his bills on time, but I always thought how much better that money could have gone to use.  You see in a Pisces mind, money has to matter.  If it means everyone else around him is having a better time because of his generosity, he is a happy fish.  A typical Virgo will find it immature that he just lends out or even gives his money so freely to friends and family. He will find her comments about this matter nagging and as though she is trying to take his freedom from him.  Quite the opposite my Piscean man, she is just looking out for you.  As I have told you before this almost perfect woman’s few flaws is her criticalness and her nagging.  Unfortunately, these two things are very hard for a Pisces man to take.  Yes, no man likes these things but a Pisces does not have the patience of a Taurus or the understanding of a Capricorn to handle these traits.  If he continues to feel like he is failing her, he will find a way to escape the pain he is sensing.  Usually for him that consists of stopping by the local bar, or becoming distant by drowning himself deep into his dreams and emotions.  Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiacs.  There have been some of the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs to come from this sign.    

This woman is extremely practical so she will realize what is going on right in front of her eyes.  She will have to use her sensibility before it is too late to realize why she fell in love with this dreamy man.  He had a magical way of whisking her off into his starry waters with him, and it made her feel like all of her dreams had come true.  So don’t be so critical on this man my Virgo angel, your love for one another is not worth any amount of money. 

As for you my Fish friend, don’t keep secrets from this woman.  I know you may find it amusing to tell her you are going to the grocery store when you are really picking up your dry-cleaning, but just don’t do it.  Pisces are quirky like that.  They like to lie about things that harm no one just for the hell of it.   Remember that your Virgo lady with her clear eyes and loving intent, will listen to you and all of your thoughts and dreams until the sun comes up like no one on this earth will.  And let’s be honest here, you could probably use a little constructive criticism here and there sir.  Most Pisces are not the best at looking after their own interests; instead they please everyone else around them.  A good and bad trait to have.  When things get a little sticky let her drive the wheel, she’s better at it than you in tough times.  When things have cleared you can go back to driving.  Got it?

On their first anniversary she will remember the first time they meet, and maybe even gift him a brand new pair of the same shoes that brought them together.  While eating at the same hot dog stand, they will talk again for hours about that day of fate.  At the end of the night they will end up in bed close to one another to stay warm under the covers where they first fell in love.

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