Virgo Woman – Sagittarius Man

sagittarius, virgo


Virgo Woman – Sagittarius Man

sagittarius, virgo

This couple may be a tense challenge, but like I have posted before there is always a way to make every match a harmonious one.  Practice makes perfect with this couple.  The Sagittarian is a lot more impulsive than this meticulous Virgoan woman. This also includes his spending.  He spends in a very casual carefree way, where she is a lot more to prone to count every single penny.  She doesn’t mean to be a penny pincher, she is just a cautious woman.  They say the two biggest reasons why people argue in relationships is sex and money, so these two must learn to compromise in this ONE area of their relationship. 

He is a bot of a clumsy guy, sometimes in his communication and sometimes literally.  Most people enter a profession and then work towards retirement… he works the other way around.  He usually works in what he likes to do instead of what can make him the most amount of money or what takes the most amount of work.  If things get too tough he will eventually find a steadier job, but he would rather just be “retired” his whole career.  This attitude that he has can be horrifying to the hard working Virgin.  She will warn him at first that he needs to care more about his future, then it can get sharp if he does not respond to her words of advice.  See, he doesn’t understand why you would want to work in a job that you hate just to gain financially security.  He believes that what you wake up and go do every day better be something that you love.  I hate to take sides here, but I have to side with him on this one my dear Virgo.  There are thousands of Sagittarian men who have become extremely successful doing what they are passionate about.  The money will come, just be patient.

A Virgo’s intentions are always good, so I hope that she can put her rose colored glasses and look at this man with kind patient integrity.  They can lift the curse of their squared sun signs by learning what each one of them has to offer in lessons to one another.  Physical chemistry is always a way to make up if you tiff frequently.  Being physical with one another will be refreshing as the fragrance of roses in a sun shower, especially after you have grown weary from constant misunderstandings.  When she is in his chivalrous arms, she will forget about his frustrating mistakes, and he will forget about her critical nature. 

My mother is a Virgo and her now husband is a Sagittarian.  The two of them are hilarious with one another.  She keeps the cleanest house you will ever see, and he truly cares for her emotions and provides for her to the absolute best of his ability.  He would do absolutely anything for my mom.  They definitely get in their quarrels here and there, but their intentions with one another are always the absolute best.  My father is a Gemini and my mother’s relationship with him ended in divorce… that’s a whole other blog post.  The way my step dad is with my mother is a lot different, and a lot more caring and forgiving than her relationship with my dad.  Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE Gemini men.  My brother is a Gemini, and I love him more than any other human being on this planet.  It’s all in how you approach your relationship.  It can be work, but it can also be totally worth it!

These two sings must just find their rhythm with one another.  Like I said earlier, it takes practice.  One thing these two do have down, being that they are both mutable signs, is that their communication is usually on point (please see previous post for further detail).  They also have intelligent sparkling minds, filled with great ideas.  One day he will say, “Let’s take a trip and get outta here.”  If you are smart my Virgo lady, you will cast all of your doubts and analytical thought processes aside and say, “Yes, I would love that!”  Let this man give you freedom and find your rhythm, and things will naturally flow. 

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