Capricorn Woman – Libra Man

capricorn, libra


Capricorn Woman – Libra Man

capricorn, libra

As challenging as this relationship will be, there are definitely positive aspects to it that both will get.  Libran men love a powerful and independent woman.  After all this man is all about being fair.  Why shouldn’t a woman have all of the same wants and desires as any man does in the world?  This man is thoughtful, logical, and very reasonable.  He always wants to hear all sides of any argument.  There is a saying that I love that reminds me of Librans, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”  – Aristotle.  Both of these people were born as a Cardinal sign.  They are both natural born leaders.  She enjoys guiding herself and everyone else around her behind the scenes.  She has an attitude that she always knows what is best.  This woman is typically brilliant in the business world considering the fact that she is a climber.  She has a very cool and strong common sense about her.

So it sounds like it would be a perfect match, right?  His fairness with her climbing career and her common sense mixed with his equality.  Unfortunately, the reason that it doesn’t usually work out is because of her.  They lead in very different ways.  She leads from behind the scenes where he leads where everyone can see him.  He would love her to to take flight outside of the home by putting all of her focus on her career, but sometimes when this woman gets into a relationship her significant other becomes her career.  She will never guide her love to failure, but this man doesn’t take well to having himself be her project.  He is an Air sign so she must learn, that like all Air signs, they need freedom and movement.  If you don’t let this man move, your relationship will become like a room that has had the windows closed for a long time.  Stale.  If you continue to try to contain and control this man, there will be several fights headed your way.

One weakness this man has is his desire to always win an argument.  He is so intellectually stimulated by winning an argument that he may even change his mind on where he stands on something to be right.  That is not how this woman works at all.  Once she digs her heels in about a decision, nothing will change it.  His nature is very optimistic where hers can tend to be practical.  When they meet they may not be attracted to one another immediately, but he will be able to coax this woman from behind her walls with his charming dimpled smile.

When it comes to sex, he may think that she is too reserved for his taste, but he’s wrong.  When this woman is making love it’s powerful, slow, and sensual.  The Libra man will tend to be verbal in bed, he will always let her know how beautiful she are or what feels amazing.  He is not quiet by any means.  She will be able to teach this feathery man how to make make love like an Earth sign.  She will take him out of the sky and bring him to the ground, and he will be excited to do it. She must learn from him how to be more verbally expressive.  If they can make these tweaks, all will be well behind closed doors. 

These two have so much to benefit and learn from one another.  He must learn to have patience with her and her walls around her soft core, and she must let this man be free from her naturally restrictive view on how a relationship should be.  This woman has secret wants and desires that takes a very perceptive person to understand.  This man looks at things for exactly what they are instead of believing that there is a hidden meaning or a conspiracy.  Look a little harder Libra if you love this woman.  She needs his rainbows and lightness, they are good for her.  He needs her steadfast dependability, they ground him.  Some relationships grow rapidly, but this one will grow slow and steadily like a tree.  Trees take years and seasons to grow to its full potential.  Once a tree grows solid roots, it will be there forever.  Learn and love from one another, and beat the odds of what Astrology and everyone says. “…the faith waiting in the heart of a seed promises a miracle of life which it cannot prove.” – Kabir

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