Leo Woman – Pisces Man

leo, pisces


Leo Woman – Pisces Man

leo, pisces

These women can be downright scary to this man.  It’s not every day that a Pisces is in the presence of royalty after all.  They have an air to them that screams, “I’m a challenge, try and get me if you can.”  She almost teases this man like, eeni meeni miney moh, catch a tiger by the toe.  Don’t let this attitude of unattainability scare you away Pisces.  You need to prove to this queen that you are by no means a peasant.  How do you go about this seemingly impossible task?  I will tell you….

Wine and dine this woman at the nicest restaurants in town.  Show her that you have good taste by dressing well and having a clean appearance.  A bottle of cheap wine at a local hole in the wall isn’t going to cut it with this woman.  If you gift her (which she will love), don’t get something that is cheap.  I’m not saying that you have to blow your wallet for her, but make sure that if you get this girl flowers they aren’t from the local grocery store.  This woman wants an educated heart and a sensitive soul.  She has a warm sense of humor, but don’t tell her off colored jokes that are vulgar and unappealing to her royal highness.  She won’t appreciate that a bit. This woman is a lady.

Don’t ever be rude, disrespectful, or coarse when you are in her presence.  Talk about music, your family lineage or an artist that you like.  She will love all of these topics.  Don’t “play hard to get” by ignoring her when she calls or texts.  That is NOT how she works.  If Queen Elizabeth was calling, would you send her to voicemail?  NO!  Answer this woman.  It sounds like I am telling you to let her walk all over you.  Quite the contrary.  This woman needs someone to keep her out of line when she acts out of her sunny character.  She will appreciate a man that stands his ground; if you don’t you are simply another peasant that is under her rule.

The Leo loves an audience, and this charming man will love to listen to her.  Once you have her heart, which is huge, she will be very forgiving if you ever mess up.  They are an extremely understanding breed that lets things go once they are settled.  If you respect her the way she deserves you will see her bright fiery aura open up like a sunflower.  This man has charm, wit, and intelligence that will be able to grasp and enjoy her sunny moods.

The thing that can be a bit tricky with her is her demands may be a little high for this man to handle.  If he can possess enough self-confidence to grant her wishes while still maintaining his role as the man in the relationship, it will be a win.  It is quite a balancing act though.  She doesn’t want a boss, she wants an equal.  Another problem area is that she will want to know everything about you.  I mean EVERYTHING.  The Pisces man likes to keep secrets, and finds it unnessecary to divulge everything about himself to anyone.  If she finds out that he is keeping something from her, she will go into a fiery rage.

Sexually he will need match her style.  She loves tropical scented candles, music, and isn’t one for a light and casual hook up.  She is not flirty with other men once she finds her prince charming.  She will not appreciate her man winking at another woman, and will seduce him away from her if she feels a threat.  She wants all your attention in the bedroom and outside of it.  When you are making love to her, make it about HER.  She will reciprocate once you have come out of peasant status. They may run into problems because this man is elusive, emotional, and intangible when he has sex and she wants constant tangible servitude that may make both of them become detached.  This man likes the mystery and likes to chase after his woman a bit, but with her sometimes her personality can be scorching and a bit overpowering.  What I suggest for these two to find balance as much as possible.

She is a Masculine Fire sign and he is a Feminine Water sign.  They are opposites in many ways, but this can be a good thing to help each other find balance.  He is sentimental, perceptive, and sensitive.  She is courageous, direct, and independent.  These are things that they can teach each other.  The way that these two are going to find harmony is by creating as much balance as possible.  Don’t be too passive with this woman Pisces, and don’t scorch this man’s dreams Leo.  Instead, work together to create a perfect balance.  It might take a little time at first to find it, but I believe that you can.

One moment this woman can be annoyingly regal and the next intensely loyal.  She represents all women, and she is all woman.  Give her many inches,  but don’t let her have a mile.  He will love her happy go-lucky and warm personality, but will show her his icy side if she tries to pry out all of his secrets or inflicts on the times he needs to be alone.  Remember though Leo, this man is gentle and will enjoy treating you like a queen.  Just don’t scold him often or he will swim away and look for a peasant that is easier to deal with.  Be careful with too much time away from each other.  Where most couples find that distance makes the heart grow fonder, these two will find that distance makes the heart disinterested.

She has a slot of self-pride, so when someone hurts her large ego he will be able to sooth them with his Pisces waters.  Because he possess very little confidence at times, she will be able to boost his spirits.  All these two need is to strengthen each other’s weaknesses and they will find a beautiful balance.

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