Your Sign and it’s Ruling Planet

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

Your Sign and it’s Ruling Planet

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

The planets have a profound energy that affects why your Sun Sign has a certain force behind you. This particular blog is only related to your Sun Sign, but if you get your chart off of multiple different free sites, this post will hep you to understand the planets in relation to Astrology in your Sun Sign and your chart.

The Sun – Leo’s Ruling Planet
Mythology: The Roman God Apollo was God of the Sun in mythology He was also the God of healing which is why many prayed to him.
Leo: The Sun rules Leo which makes sense considering every Leo I know has a huge bright personality.  They have dominating characteristics that take over in a group setting in a life giving way.  Leo is a Fixed Fire sign just like our Sun is.  Leos are great at feeding people’s egos and giving people courage that they never knew that they had.

The Moon – Cancer’s Ruling Planet

Mythology: The Goddess of the moon in Greek mythology is called Selene (Luna in Roman mythology).  Selene married a mortal, and when he approached death she could not bear the thought of losing him so she cast a spell to have him sleep for eternity.

Cancer: The moon represents Cancer and it’s emotional response to everything.  The Sun is concerned with action and the Moon is concerned with reaction.  When we are young we are very reactive, we are open with our emotions more so than when we are adults.  Our emotions are raw.  When looking at the Moon as a Cancer or even the moon in your chart, it will give away why you feel the way about certain things that you do.  My moon is in Scorpio, so my emotions are reactive as those of a Scorpio.  Make sense?  Our moon is also how we we set up our home, and how we pass on lessons to our children.  It also has control on our habits as well such as our eating habits.

Mercury – Gemini & Virgo’s Ruling Planet

Mythology: Mercury was the God of merchants.  His name comes from the Greek word ‘mercari’ which means merchant or to make a deal.  He was better known as Hermes, the Greek messenger God who had a winged helmet.

Gemini: Mercury in Gemini gives the twins the urge to communicate combined with their Air element.  Gemini’s ideas are quickly picked up and quickly put down, knowledge is quickly understood, and interactions with people are fast.

Virgo: Mercury in Virgo is intellectual, analytical, and critical.  Virgos love to communicate, they love books and writing.  Being an Earth element, they appreciate the tangibility to things as opposed to Gemini who enjoys the idea of something.  Both Gemini and Virgo are Mutable signs which is very fitting for Mercury.  

Venus- Taurus & Libra’s Ruling Planet

Mythology: As many of us know, Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology) is the Goddess of love.  She was considered to me “the mother of the Romans”.  She was married, but had many lovers and admirers.  She was also the mother of Cupid, and could even make herself a virgin at her own will.

Taurus: Venus has a lot to do with nature and growth as like Venus.She  gives Taurus their desire to spend most of their time, effort, and money to surround themselves with beautiful and sensual things.  A happy home and stable relationships are everything to Taurus.

Libra: Venus combined with Libra’s Air element gives these people true physical beauty.  They are also swirling around in the social scene.  Librans also love to have beautiful airy and sweet surroundings. Even though these people were born in the fall when things are starting to die, there is something bright and beautiful about them like an Indian summer.  Because this sign is masculine, Libra men are considered to be one of the most admired men by women.  They have masculinity with Venus’s feminine and romantic touch.

Mars – Aries & Scorpio’s Ruling Planet

Mythology: Mars (Ares in Greek mythology) is the God of war.  He was regarded as “the father of the Romans”.  Many soldiers worshiped Mars and prayed to him for a successful battle.  He was celebrated in festivals in both March (the month named after him) and October.

Aries: Mars is the symbol of masculine energy, and fits the sign of Aries very appropriately.  Sometimes women in this sign can come off very masculine either in looks, in personality, or in both.  This sign emits a lot of Cardinal and positive energy.  They make great leaders that drive the ones in their control to success.

Scorpio: Mars in Scorpio is not as prominent because Scorpio’s main ruler is Pluto.  It is Scorpio’s watery charm mixed with this fiery sexual planet that makes this sign so dangerous for the opposite sex.  Unlike the other water signs, this is the only one that has this fiery and powerful planet behind it’s strong emotions, making arguably the most powerful sign in the zodiac.

Jupiter – Sagittarius & Pisces’ Ruling Planet

Mythology: Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) was the supreme God of the Romans.  Jupiter was the main protector of the Roman people.  This God was portrayed in two ways –  as an incredible leader giving wisdom and justice to all, and also as a womanizer.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius makes this sign one of the luckiest.  It also gives them a desire to find a  deeper meaning in life as well as a desire to travel.  Sagittarians tend to get a bad rap in the cheating department as well, which is caused by their difficulty with committing to one thing for a long period of time.

Pisces: Jupiter in Pisces is not as much as in Sagittarius because Neptune is it’s main ruler.  Jupiter gives Pisces it’s wisdom and deep concepts and philosophies on life.

Saturn – Capricorn & Aquarius’ Ruling Planet

Mythology: Saturn was known as the God of fertility and farming.  The Romans celebrated Saturn in mid December to thank them for the harvest they received for the winter.  This celebration was called Saturnalia where they exchanged fruits and gifts with one another and decorated their homes.

Capricorn: Saturn in Capricorn gives them their planning and controling personality traits.  Capricorns tend to have an older soul even when they are young, and this comes from “Old Man Saturn”.

Aquarius: Saturn in Aquarius is not as strong because their main planet is Uranus.  Saturn gives Aquarians their wisdom, knowledge, and social structures.  They also enjoy keeping their distance just like how Saturn likes to teach, much like a professor.

Uranus – Aquarius’ Ruling Planet

Mythology: Uranus was the God and ruler of the sky.  He was there to make sure that the rain fell to replenish the Earth.  Uranus was also concerned with all humanitarian issues.  He was the father of the Titans which he banned to Hades for causing terror and destructiveness on Earth.  They rebelled and were quickly punished by Zeus, and sent back to the underworld. 

Aquarius: Uranus in Aquarius gives them sharp intellect and its emphasis on society and humanitarianism.

Neptune – Pisces’ Ruling Planet

Mythology: Neptune (Poseidon in Greek mythology) was the Roman God of the sea.  He carried a trident and rode a dolphin.  Many pirates and sea merchants prayed to him  to protect them from his storms.

Pisces: Neptune in Pisces gives them their watery dreaminess.  They are the dreamers and make believers of the zodiac.  This is the planet that carries us over from one life to the next, which is why Pisces is the last sign in the karmic wheel.

Pluto – Scorpio’s Ruling Planet

Mythology: In Roman mythology, three Gods Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) drew to see which one which one of them would have to rule the underworld.  Pluto ran the underworld all alone until he meet Persephone.  He stole her and possessively made her his Queen. 

Scorpio: Pluto in Scorpio is what makes Scorpio obsessed with sex, death, birth, and rebirth.  It’s Water element gives Scorpio deep complexity while being a Fixed sign gives it stability.  Scorpio’s are also known for being very possessive with their loved ones.  Pluto also gives Scorpio rage to answering all of the big questions they have in their life. 

I hope this post has brought understanding to why the planets are crucial in Astrology, and how they bring certain characteristics out in every one of us.   

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