Aries Woman – Taurus Man

aries, taurus


Aries Woman – Taurus Man

aries, taurus

In this relationship the Aries woman will have a lot to learn from her Taurus man.  She is used to getting her way with almost everyone, but with him it will be very different.  If she pushes him, he won’t budge.  If she demands something of him, he will dig his heels in.  If she gets angry, he gets calm.  If she starts crying that may be the last straw for the Bull, he could very well leave at that point.  However, these two could have a different kind of relationship with work.  If she gives him love, he will get closer.  If she laughs, he will melt.  If she gives him a huge kiss, it will make him smile.  Notice a pattern here?  She is the initiator in this relationship, and that is just how it is with these two.

Other topics they may get in tiffs about is her need to get out there on the town, when all he wants is to sit in his comfortable peaceful home.  He may get aggravated with her spending because he is a saver.  If they work on their differences they will find beautiful warmth with one another.  The Ram is jealous and the Bull is possessive.  You may be asking what in the world the difference is;

Jealous – Fearful or wary of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection or position.
Possessive –  Having or manifesting a desire to control or dominate another, especially in order to limit that person’s relationships with others.

They look the same, but they don’t feel the same.   Taurus are a very stubborn sign, this is an undeniable trait that they all have.  He will be able to handle her wild requests, and take her fiery nature with all the calmness in the world.  He will be able to do this to an extent.  If a Taurus man tells his Aries that he needs time to himself for some quiet reading and a nap, don’t bring all of your girlfriends to the house for a rowdy girl’s night in.  If you push him too far he will get angry which is a hard thing for the Bull to get.  If you have never seen a Taurus it is not something you ever want to encounter.  It is by no means pleasant.

If she respects him, his needs, and simple requests he will stick by his Ram as solid as a boulder.  He will stick with her through every storm and every problem that arises in their relationship.  She will enjoy coming home to him after a long night out, or a tedious business trip.  He feels like a warm safe blanket to her.  He cares deeply for her, even though he can’t understand her dramatic bursts at most times.  She has all of the energy and fun ideas, while he produces all of the security and stability.

Even though the Bull is practical about everything, including love, he is very sensual, affectionate, and sentimental.  He may be somewhat shy at times showing his affections, but that does not mean he doesn’t love you deeply Aries.  Wait until Valentine’s Day, you will get the most beautiful display of your favorite flowers to the office that makes every other woman jealous.

When it comes to sex, they look at it very differently.  With her it is a way to express her magical imagination releasing all of her emotional, spiritual, and physical feelings.  She has an extreme urge for self-expression not only in life, but in the bedroom as well.  He looks at sex more practically.  He is sensual, but sex to him is for two simple things; to fulfill a sensual physical and satisfying feeling.  The second reason is to make children to create a family.  Aries may not be able to take him to her magical worlds with her, but they can meet somewhere in the middle.  She must make an effort to please him.  This is hard for someone where they are so used to having things revolve around their wants and needs.  It will be worth it though because once this man makes a decision to leave he is gone.  Tenderness today will make the tears of tomorrow never exist.

He can teach her so much about being resourceful with her money.  At first she will fight with him about this topic, but once she learns his thrifty ways she will enjoy watching her savings multiply.  He will learn that her spending is usually generous because she is spending it while she is with others.  Aries love to spoil the ones they love.  He will teach her ways to do this while still saving pennies.  Her generosity will be a trait that makes him love her so much.  She will eventually see that his real intent for being a tightwad is so that they have a comfortable future for them, and their possible future family.  He is generous as well.  If he has extra money that is not being taken out of his “future fund”, he would gladly help a friend in need and not even ask for repayment.

Aries like to make quick and fiery decisions, while the Bull takes his sweet time mulling over every single detail.  If anything could possibly mess up his security he will not budge.  This may be irritating to her, but I promise his intentions are the absolute best.  When someone promises him something, he may not take it seriously because it is not a tangible thing.  Put something in a contract and he will feel a lot more at ease.  Once you are his wife, everything he has will be yours and he will love to take care of you.

She may think his stubbornness is cruel and cold at times.  Sometimes it will bring her to tears.  They will get in a blowout fight while they are out somewhere, and she will run off in a fiery rage.  When she is done being upset she will start to worry where he went.  She will notice that he has been there standing and waiting so patiently for her to calm.  When she comes up to him she will say she’s sorry and hug him so tight and he will just shake his head and smile.  If you are wise Aries, you will not let your fire burn all of his earth, or one day he won’t be standing there waiting for you.

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