Scorpio Woman – Libra Man

libra, scorpio


Scorpio Woman – Libra Man

libra, scorpio

Let me start this post out by explaining something very important to you about this man.  Libra men are a lot more sensitive, gentle, and easier to hurt than most men underneath their exterior.  Libra women are a lot more tough, stoic, and strong than most women underneath their exterior.  This is what happens when you have a Masculine sign that is ruled by a feminine planet.  This tid bit of information is very important in understanding him, and this relationship on a deeper level…

His dimples and charm may make other girls melt in their shoes, but it won’t be that easy with this lady Libra.  This woman will see right through you the moment she meets you.  She will know instantly whether your intentions with her are good or not.  She likes to know things, because knowledge gives one power.  If his intentions are not honorable she will either walk away, or face the challenge of making him hers.  One moment you will be going on casual flirty dates, and the next you will be waking up next to her 5 years later married wondering how it all happened.  These women are nothing short of magnetic.  He’ll be happy that she could see through his charming ways, and saw a relationship underneath his casualness.

One of my favorite stories that a Libra did for his now Scorpio wife is very touching.  He was serving at a restaurant and she was at one of his tables.  After doing his best of using his charm, he finally got her number on a piece of paper.  At the end of his shift he decided he was going to call her, but couldn’t find the number anywhere.  He realized he had accidentally thrown it away.  This is where most men would say, “Oh well.”  Not a Libra.  He dug through every trash can until he found her number.  Fast forward years later, they are now married and have a beautiful son together.  That is how sentimental this man is.  

Librans typically like the idea of marriage, so it shouldn’t be too hard for this man to commit to her after he has fallen in love.  This woman is very possessive, jealous, and intense.  Not sometimes, all of the time.  This may become a little exhausting for his wistful and airy personality.  She must know with 110% that he is always faithful to her.  Scorpios have a zero tolerance for cheating.  The problem with this is that women are usually very fascinated and taken with Libra men.  They like to engage him in conversation and love his charm.  How can he help this?  It’s not his fault he was born with such allure.  Well my friend, you had better help it if you want to keep your Scorpio around.  When she is mad his charm and sweet smile will not work on her, so you had better behave yourself Libra or you will feel her sting.

These two will love having sex with each other.  His sex drives matched hers which they will both enjoy.  She will have many things to teach him about bringing emotions and depth into the bedroom.  He will teach her that it is important to be equals during lovemaking.  He is sentimental and romantic, and she will enjoy both of these thoroughly.  There is something sweet, even though deep, about a Scorpio’s sensuality that is almost spiritual.

His sense of fairness will go well with her sense of justice and judgment.  Scorpios are loyal and respectful and will need this from their Libra mate, most of the time they will not have an issue in this area.  They will debate, because all Libras enjoy a good debate.  She will secretly enjoy their playful banter back and forth even if she doesn’t act like it.  If one of these conversations ever starts to get heated, you will know by her powerful stare that it is time for you to drop it.  You would be wise Libra to not pursue the topic any further. 

She is equip to handle his frequent mood changes being that she is a Water sign with many moods herself.  His scales will move up and down and she will know exactly whether to react or to ignore.  She will know how to persuade him into a lighter mood when he is down, and he will be able to do the same for her with his humor and charm.  When she is having a rough week at work he is the type of man to have dinner waiting for her at home, and a bunch of balloons that brings a huge smile to her face.  His tenderness touches her to her soul, and his sentiment will teach her how to be sentimental too. Usually it is the woman that teaches the man to be sentimental, but if you read the first paragraph of this post you will understand why it is the other way around.  It is quite a beautiful thing. 

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