Super Models & Your Sign’s Physical Characteristics

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo


Super Models & Your Sign’s Physical Characteristics

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

The rough life of a supermodel…  We either love them, or love to hate them.  Whether they are gracing the pages of Vogue, marrying our favorite actors and singers, or strutting their stuff down the runway; they set the precedence for beauty in our culture.  I am a visual learner, so I believe these models show the absolute best physical characteristics of each Sun Sign. 


Miranda Kerr
April 20, 1983
They have decided features, usually sharp.  They also have well marked brows.  Their bodies are strong like a warrior’s.  They also usually have a reddish cast to their hair and skin.  

Jessica Stam
April 23, 1986
A Taurus’ eyes will tend to be serene and steady.  Their bodies hint their strength.  They are very well proportioned. The women usually have sensuous curves, and the men have very broad shoulders.
Kate Upton
June 10, 1992
Geminis are typically built slender, and taller than average.  Most of them tend to have small sharp features.  The majority of them, being that they are ruled by Mercury, have crystal clear blue, gray, green, or hazel eyes.  Their natural complexion is fair, but they seem to tan easily.  They tend to have higher foreheads, and you will find them with many different hair colors.

Gisele Bundchen
July 20, 1980
There are physically two types of Cancers.  Ones that have round faces and round eyes, much like the moon.  Then there are the ones that look like a crab with high cheekbones, large skull, a high brow, eyes that are small and far apart, and a pronounced jaw.  Gisele is obviously the second one.  Cancers are very interesting people to look at.  I think that this is the easiest sign to spot physically.  There bodies are either plump, or very bony.  The arms and legs are typically longer in proportion to their body.  Seeing that they also rule the breasts, the women typically are either very flat chested or very busty.
Marisa Miller
August 6, 1978
Look for a mane of hair on these people.  Some Leos are blue eyed, but the majority have brown eyes that are often round, but tilted in the corner.  The Leo men usually have brown hair, but the women tend to have wild blonde hair that can even have a hint of red on it.  The hair is usually naturally wavy.
Coco Rocha
September 10, 1988
Usually these people have a wiry build.  There eyes tend to be lovely and quiet.  One thing that every Virgo has is crystal clear eyes.  They sparkle so much you can see yourself in them.  They show the intelligence and clarity of the Virgo mind.  The majority of them are very attractive, having delicate features.  Their looks have grace and charm, but Virgos also tend to be quite vain.  This is only because they are so critical of themselves.  They always look put together and well groomed. 
Candice Swanepoel
October 20, 1988
I don’t believe that there is a typical Libra feature, except for dimples.  If they don’t have dimples on their face, they will have them somewhere on their body.  These people are arguably the most beautiful in the zodiac.  Their faces always have a pleasant look to them making them very enjoyable to gaze at.  Their face almost reminds you of a sugar cookie, it’s sweet.  Because these people are ruled by Venus, beauty is in their utter nature. Their smiles are soft and sugary like marshmallows.
Daria Werbowy
November 19, 1983 (My Birthday!)
The easiest way to spot a Scorpio is their intense eyes that can penetrate you to your soul.  They tend to have a powerful physical presence.  They also have heavy or sharp features.  The tend to have a very serious nose that is usually very straight.  They usually have darker hair with a reddish cast, and darker eyes.  There are also the frosty blonde Scorpios like myself as well.
Chanel Iman
 December 1, 1990
These bold people usually have a well shaped head and a high broad forehead.  The features are usually very open and almost happy looking.  They tend to look very friendly and cheerful.  Their eyes are bright and alert.  They also have a twinkle to them that almost seem to be laughing at you. 
Kate Moss
January 16, 1974
 Capricorns can tend to be thick and masculine.  Usually they have straight, dark, and long hair that seems to grow unusually fast.  They tend to have darker steady eyes and an olive complexion.  There is something serious and rooted about the way they look.  One more dead giveaway is the shoes.  They are usually quite sensible. 
Doutzen Kroes
January 23, 1985
The easiest way to spot the Water Bearer is their far and distant look that they have in their eyes.  The Aquarian eyes are vague, dreamy, and wandering.  They are also typically blue, green or gray.  Their hair is usually straight and blonde or a very light brown.  They have paler skin and tend to be taller than most.  They have chiseled faces as though they were etched out of stone.
Karolina Kurkova
February 28, 1984
Pisces usually either have very large or very small feet.  The same goes for their hands.  Their skin is usually like porcelain, and the hair tends to be fine, wavy, and can be either light or dark.  Look into a Pisces eyes and its all liquid.  Their eyes are wise and almost look as though they have seen stories of a thousand years.  They are graceful, but their bodies tend to be awkwardly built. 

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