Traditional Associations with Cancer



Traditional Associations with Cancer


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Color Associated with Cancer – Silver
Silver is the color of illumination and reflection.

Food Associated with Cancer –  Milk, fish, and cabbage
Milk is one of the “perfect foods” right along with eggs.  Milk is nurturing for your body, promotes good sleep, and great for your bones.   Cancer rules the breasts and motherhood which is another reason why milk is associated with this Moon sign.

Gem Associated with Cancer – Pearl
Stimulates spiritual transformation, and promotes prosperity and success.  When you wear pearls it encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty.  They also help with stomach, digestion and emotional stress, as well as amplifying focus, meditation skills and wisdom.

Tree Associates with Cancer – Maple
Maple tree meaning includes balance, promise and practicality. Maples are important as source of syrup and wood.

Flower Associated with Cancer – Easter Lily
The magnificent white lily known as the Easter Lily has long stood as a symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace.

Animal Associated with Cancer – Crab
Crabs will get rid of their shell and find a new one once they have grown out of the one they carry.  This is symbolic of rebirth, and change.  Just like the moon they go through phases.  These creatures also always come out at night when they feel safe in the moonlight.  Their shell is also very related to this sign, because Cancers tend to have a protective shell around their sweet and sensitive personalities.

Country Associated with Cancer Holland
Holland is a maritime country considered it is surrounded by the Sea.  They are known for their tulips and windmills.  Their diet consists of a lot of dairy products which is another reason that this country relates to Cancer. 


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