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Although they never tell us when these royal beauties birthdays actually are, I thought it would be fun for me to guess based upon certain personality traits.  I grew up watching Disney, and actually worked for the company for some time!  There is nothing like Disney magic, and these heroins brought that to our lives.  I am sure we can all relate to them in one way or another.

This firecracker fights for her independence from the restrictions her father gives her.  She hates the idea of being forced to get marries.  She is not afraid to speak her mind and is headstrong just like a any Aries would be.
She is very spiritual and in tune with nature.  Her slow and steady nature resembles that of a Taurus woman.  She is practical and patient with the events that take place in her life.  She is also the one who tries to keep peace between her tribe and the settlers.
Her curiosity is what got her in trouble just like any other Gemini.  She just HAD follow that green glowing light and touch that spindle. Another Gemini trait is having a beautiful light personality that accepts change like a pro, and doesn’t take things too seriously.  Her fairy godmothers do plenty of changing her dress from blue to pink multiple times which truly suits any Gemini considering they love variety.
Snow White
Cancers are masters of hiding, which suits Snow White considering she must hide herself from her wicked stepmother. She takes on her role of the dwarf’s caretaker with joy.  Like every Cancer woman, mothering people is their specialty.  She is nurturing and sweet to them and even whistles while she works.
If her long golden and magical hair wasn’t a dead giveaway that she is a Leo Queen, then maybe it is her courage or her huge heart that portrays her as this magnificent sign.  She has a very sunny disposition even though she has been locked in a tower her entire life.
This woman can clean and, even though forced, she seems to really enjoy it for the most part just like any Virgo would.  She is very kindhearted and appreciative of her friends help.  She really isn’t one to break rules and is very obedient.  She is also one of a kind, just like any Virgo, considering her slipper only fit her dainty foot.
Talk about fair!  This woman gave the Beast a second chance by seeing his softer side even though he treated her dad like garbage and took her as his prisoner.  Being a Scorpio, I would have got revenge for that nonsense.  However, like any Libra she saw both sides of the scale.  She is all woman, but has a very strong will only a Libra woman can possess.  She is a feminist and she is brave.  She is intelligent and even keeled like a true Libra woman. 
She is self-reliant and very secretive.  She hides her true identity to save her father from serving in the army.  Her loyalty to her family is that of a true Scorpio.  Her courage is what got her and her family through a very rough time.  A Scorpio will sacrifice anything and everything for the people they love.
Like a typical Sagittarius, Merida wants to take control of her own destiny.  She wants to be wild and free without any restraints.  She is also one hell of an archer as well as a horseback rider which is symbolic of a Sagittarius.  She even won her own hand in marriage so she could be free…. hilarious and very Sagittarius of her.  She is wild and outspoken, as well as a true heroin.
This woman is a hard worker.  She has a plan and knows how to get there.  Like any Capricorn, a plan, ambition and hard work in their life is crucial to their happiness.  She is also very practical when it comes to love, and doesn’t fall for Prince Naveen’s charm because she is so focused on her goal.
This girl has one trippy imagination!  The fact that she dreamt all of wonderland is quite fascinating and pretty bizarre.  This girl, like any Aquarian, definitely lives in her own world. They are also known for being adventurous and honest, which Alice is both of.  The author of the book, Lewis Carroll, was an Aquarius himself and was born on January 27, 1832.  No surprise there.
She is by far my favorite of the Disney Princesses.  She is always in dreamland.  She created her own dreamy treasure cove filled with items from a world she couldn’t be a part of.  She was also in love with a man she never spoke one word to.  Sebastian was always telling her to get her head out of the clouds and back down in the ocean.  He even once said, “Somebody’s got to nail that girl’s fins to the floor.”  She didn’t listen to what anyone said, and went right for her dreams like any Pisces girl would do.  By following her dreams, she got her fairytale ending.


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