Sagittarius Woman – Aquarius Man

aquarius, sagittarius


Sagittarius Woman – Aquarius Man

aquarius, sagittarius

It is his unpredictability that made this free woman want to settle in one place.  It was his quirkiness and the fact that he could keep her on her toes like no one else that made her fall in love.  After their hilarious meeting, he will ask her to be his friend first.  Everything will follow after that.  Aquarians value friendship over everything in any relationship.

This man is electric and quick.  Everything about him is powerful and fast.  Even when he touches someone its as though an electric shock just went through your body.  They are also humanitarians, always wanting the greater good for people and the planet.  He is highly intelligent, and sometimes the way his thought process works will baffle and amuse you.  He is always coming up with something new.  Things just pop into his head unexpectedly, and for no reason at all. Aquarius lives in the future and the tomorrow. 

The Sagittarius will look at him and giggle at all of these traits, and in true Sagittarian form will tell him how silly he is.  She will have a love hate relationship with all his batty ideas, and scientific explanations.  His wacky ideas and very odd behavior will make her laugh on a daily basis.  She may even start doing odd things herself that she catches from him like dipping her pickles in ketchup or dancing in the middle of a busy street to get a shock factor.  He LOVES getting the shock factor from people, and his Sagittarian won’t be any different.

When she is angry with him she will make him feel bad for being such a loon.  This woman has a sharp tongue and isn’t one to think before she speaks.  Her words will hurt him, but once she apologizes he will forget.  He isn’t one to hold on to grudges for long.  He actually loves her very much for her open and honest personality.  She is not stuck up and so driven in life that he will find himself inspired by her.  Yes, she is very blunt at times but one thing you know she will never do is lie.  That is a very comforting feeling. 

This woman is trusting, open, and very friendly.  However if someone hurts her, her optimistic attitude will become very skeptical and her tongue will become sharp.  She is constantly unsure of things…. everything.  She will always have a million questions.  Her love for her Aquarian man will be no exception.  Sagittarius is always searching.  They are not just the travels of the Zodiac literally, but also spiritually.  She likes to live in reality, and get the right answers for all of her thousands of questions.  She is always searching, always questioning, always wondering.

The conversations that these two will have about, religion, reality, politics, and every topic under the sun will keep them fascinated with one another for hours.  Remember, they are friends first and that’s what friends do.  One of these deep conversations can even lead to them having sex, because they are just so enthralled with one another.  Sagittarius like inspired and imaginative lovemaking.  He will definitely not let her down.  His humor and tenderness will make her laugh and cry all at the same time.  You may see purple when you are having sex with a Sag.  I know that sounds a little odd, but there is something so wild and carefree about this woman, especially in the bedroom, that the color is in her aura.

He is an Air Sign and she is a Fire Sign.  If you have read my Blending the Elements post, you will know that Air feeds Fire.  She needs him to survive, to grow, to become her full self.  He needs her to keep his sometimes cold persona warm.  There will be times when she sees his temper strike, and there will be times when her tongue cuts him deeply.  When this happens, pack a picnic, go to the park, and talk about why you think God made the rainbow have violet AND indigo (her colors), and she will have questions for hours that lead to purple lovemaking.  You two will be just fine….. more than fine… elated.

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