Famous Cancer Actresses



Famous Cancer Actresses


These women have plaid some emotionally beautiful roles.  Some of them use their looney Cancer humor like Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, some of them use their natural mood swings like Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada, or maybe they are the all American girl in daisy Dukes of Hazzards like Jessica Simpson.  Whatever the case may be, these moon godesses have enchanted the silver screen plenty of times…
Liv Tyler
July 1, 1977
Lindsay Lohan
July 2, 1986
Diane Kruger
July 15, 1976
Meryl Streep
June 22, 1949

Sophia Bush
July 8, 1982

Sofia Vergara
July 10, 1972

Selma Blair
June 23, 1972

Minka Kelly
June 24, 1980

Jessica Simpson
July 10, 1980
Kristen Bell
July 18, 1980
 Julianne Hough
July 20, 1988
Juno Temple
July 21, 1989
Margot Robbie
July 2, 1990

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