Famous Pisces Actresses



Famous Pisces Actresses


Intuitive – Dreamers – Adaptable – Empathetic – Wise

Dreamy aquatic Pisces women have been swimming all over the red carpet in Hollywood.  There are some of the most beautiful mermaids in the bunch here.  They are able to complete their roles by using their emotional watery depth to truly feel their characters out.  Their is something so beautiful and feminine about these women that bring one to their knees.  There is a depth and wisdom that you can see in their eyes.  Something so strong yet so helpless all at the same time.  They have played some of the most emotionally beautiful roles we have seen.  Enjoy getting to know the last but not least sirens of the silver screen…

Olivia Wilde 
March 10, 1984
Rachel Weisz
March 7, 1970
Ellen Page
February 21, 1987
Tea Leoni
February 25, 1966
Kate Mara
February 27, 1983
Dakota Fanning
February 23, 1994
Drew Barrymore
February 22, 1975 

Ali Larter
February 28, 1976
Lily Collins
March 18, 1989
Jessica Biel
March 3, 1982
Ashley Greene
February 21, 1987
Eva Mendez
March 5, 1974
Brittany Snow
March 9, 1986
Emily Blunt
February 23, 1983
Jennifer Love Hewitt
February 21, 1979

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