Scorpio Woman – Aries Man

aries, scorpio


Scorpio Woman – Aries Man

aries, scorpio

The Aries man will think he has this woman all figured out after the first few times he meets her.  Let me just start by saying this Aries;  you will never completely know and understand this woman.  Nothing against you, she is just a web of beautiful mystery that no one will ever understand.  Only God and herself will ever know the true her.  There is something frustrating, magnetizing, and mysterious about the Scorpio woman that you will either have to accept, or walk away from.  Her mysterious ways could really bother him at times, because he likes to know what’s going on and doesn’t really enjoy a surprise attack of any sort.

These two handle things very differently when it comes to war, even though they share the planet Mars which is the planet of war, they use different weapons.  When someone crosses her she will scheme and plot her revenge striking at just the right time.  Where he instantly retaliates in a dynamic outburst and then moves on quickly to the next subject.  See how this could be a problem?  As dangerous as the Scorpion is, they are very sensitive.  Aries tend to not have a filter; they just kind of say whatever comes to their mind.  These two characteristics are sometimes a deadly combination.

For example…. There is an Aries girl that my best Leo friend is very close with.  My Leo friend can handle her unfiltered comments very well, because that Leo heart is a lot more understanding and patient than my Scorpio temperament is.  I dealt with being around her by holding in all of my thoughts and comments towards her like a volcano getting ready to erupt.  One night she said something that sent me over the edge.  My stinger came out, and sharp words came out of me like lava spewing from a volcano.  I actually made her cry, which shocked me because she is such a proud and boisterous Aries woman.  I then decided it was best to completely cut her out of my life.  I am not proud of my behavior, but that is just me.  I reach a boiling point with people, and then I lose control.  What I need and should understand, is that 9/10 times Aries don’t mean to come off the way they do.  I hope my Aries readers don’t think I dislike Aries.  Quite the opposite.  My best childhood friend is an Aries.  However, this example is a perfect story of how Aries and Scorpio can be a deadly combination if proper communication is not happening. 

That is what can happen with this man and woman.  If he upsets her, she will plot her revenge, then she will strike, then he will want revenge, but she will already be gone.  It’s a really sad circle, and can be completely avoided with good communication and self-awareness.  If he can control his outbursts she will gain a beautiful respect for him.  If she can communicate instead of plot, he will become closer to her.  See how pleasant and peaceful that is?

These two do share in common the need to love and be loved ALL THE WAY.  These two rarely do relationships half ass, which will make things very passionate between them.  Scorpios are loyal to a fault, and we all know of the Ram’s jealous tendencies; so that area will never be a problem.  They will feel secure with one another in that sense.  Even though she can come off shy and at times tough; he needs to remember her sensitive soul that is behind her hard exterior.  Scorpio women are beautiful, tender, and can love to a depth that is not attainable to most.  This may come as a shock to you that think of the “typical” Scorpio, but it’s true.

Sex between these two will be a very important part of their relationship, and surely a way to “kiss and make up”.  Their sex will be erotic, passionate, and intense.  You are after all mixing two people from Mars here.  She is willing to submit to him here, and sometimes only here which will make it all worthwhile.  He is definitely the man in the bedroom, and that is exactly how she likes it.  Scorpios wouldn’t have it any other way.  This woman needs deep love in and out of the bedroom.  Sex is extremely important to this woman.  If at any point the sex ceases I would be very worried about this relationship because it is something that definitely ties them together.

Trust and forgiveness is something that they will need to stay happy with one another.  Yes, he can be a loud pain in the ass but at the end of the day she wouldn’t want him to pretend like he was anyone else.

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