Disney Villains – Negative Sun Sign Traits

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

Disney Villains – Negative Sun Sign Traits

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

Let’s be honest here… 99% of the time I keep this blog very positive.  Even when matches are not the best, I always give people hope.  That is because I believe chemistry comes from God, and also because every relationship is special and unique.  Life is too short to be a Negative Nancy.  However, there is dark side to every Sun Sign.  I think that it is important to know what some of the negative traits are in each sign, so that you are aware of what may happen in your relationship with different signs.  To do this with some humor, and because you guys loved my Disney Princess post, I attached a Disney Villain to each sign to help understand the negative characteristics a bit better.

Cruella de Ville
Impatient – Blunt – Hot Headed – Impulsive 
Talk about impatient!  She came in like a bat out of hell to skin those puppies the day they were born, and was infuriated when she found out that they didn’t have any spots.  Aries just say it like it is, I call it diarrhea of the mouth.  They also have a short fuse, so beware!
Stubborn – Self-Righteous – Jealous – Relentless 
Talk about stubborn and relentless, this crazy bitch witch waited 16 years after not being invited to Aurora’s christening to see her get her finger pricked.  Talk about a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and jealousy.  This self-righteous witch had to patiently prolong everyone’s agony like a true Taurus.
Lady Tremaine
  Quarrelsome- Manipulative – Two Faced – Fickle
  Talk about changing her mind every two seconds.  You can go and then you can’t, you can go and then you can’t.  She always talks about how nice she is, but yet she really is a pretty terrible person.  The Evil Stepmother definitely has a fickle two faced mind.  One second she is as graceful and soft spoken as a dove, the next she’s screeching like a crow.  Not to mention, she has to little extensions of herself to do her dirty work as well.  She encourages fights, and manipulates situations to her favor just like a Gemini.

Needy – Self-absorbed – Moody – Clingy
  This woman was just power hungry and moody as a child.  She clang on to her “poor unfortunate souls” by turning them into plants and keeping them to herself.  Like that isn’t weird enough, she really thinks she’s hot shit and is very self-absorbed when she is clearly a crazy looking octopus.  Her moods switch as soon as things aren’t going her way, and her rash behavior led to her demise.

Pompous – Controlling – Vain – Pushy – Over Ambitious
Gaston is what a Leo man is all about.  Although he is listed as a Disney Villain, I have a hard time with that.  Yes, he was very pompous and LOVED being the center of attention, but he just really liked Belle.  Can you blame the guy?  When a Leo man wants a woman, he will go to the ends of the Earth to get her.  ESPECIALLY if she doesn’t want him.

Critical – Restless – Vain – Irritable
  There wasn’t much that didn’t annoy this guy.  He so perfectly plotted the death of Mufasa in a fashion only a Virgo could calculate.  He was restless to get into power, and also very critical to his hyena friends that helped him along the way.
Queen of Hearts
Always Undecided – Flighty – Self Indulgent – Intolerant of Criticism
  In true Libra fashion, they never know if they want the flowers white or red.  They also do not care to be criticized…. ever.  If you do criticize one it could very well be “off with your head.”  They tend to be a little flighty at times, and very self indulgent.  Give a box of chocolates to a Libra, and don’t expect it to be there for long.

Secretive – Volatile – Hot Tempered – Cunning
  Although I believe that Scorpios are probably the most evil of signs, and many of the above Villains would have been a perfect fit, Hades is the ruler of the underworld.  Nothing fits Scorpio better, and you should know that from reading Your Sign and it’s Ruling Planet post.  In this movie he temps with sexy Meg and plots secretively against Zeus for YEARS.  In the movie he is very hot tempered, and also quite cunning.
Unrealistic – Domineering – Overconfident – Restless
  Talk about unrealistic, this guy had zero right to the throne and went for it full force.  He was very overconfident that he could make Jasmine fall in love with him, even though he was treating her and her dad like dirt.  He was very outspoken and domineering like a Sagittarius can definitely be.  
The Evil Queen
Stubborn – Never Satisfied – Over Ambitious – Status Seeking – Pessimistic
  This woman was beautiful, but so pissed that she wasn’t the “most beautiful”.  Get over yourself you nut job!  In true Capricorn fashion, they are just never ever satisfied.  Always seeing the glass half empty.  They also love power, and will crush anything or anyone that stands in their way of their goal.

Doctor Facilier
Insensitive – Unemotional – Rebellious – Aloof
  This guys was a quirky wackadoodle for sure.  He was turning people into frogs, and princes, and all sorts of weird stuff.  He did all of this for his own unemotional advances of course.  Even though he is rebellious to his “friends on the other side” to gain power, he could care less.  He is definitely smart, but super wacky all at the same time

Captain Hook
Easily Led – Temperamental – Overly Sensitive – Oblivious
  This guys believes almost anything.  His temperament is as rocky as his boat.  He also has no idea what’s going on half the time, but he truly thinks he does.  It is also made clear that he was mad fun of as a child, which is why he is so mean as an adult.  This shows his sensitivity and emotions that every Pisces definitely has.

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