Scorpio on the Cusp of Sagittarius: November 18 – 22

sagittarius, scorpio


Scorpio on the Cusp of Sagittarius: November 18 – 22

sagittarius, scorpio

Hello from Savannah Georgia, one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to.  I LOVE it here!  I am heading to bed in a bit, and felt like talking about myself a little bit so I thought this post would be a fun one to write.  As you may know, yours truly is a Scorpio on the Sagittarius cusp seeing that my birthday is November 19th.  I also have a Sagittarius rising.  If you want to find out what your rising sign is, or all about your chart in general, check out my chart reading service!  I truly believe that my Sagittarian qualities shine through quite often, especially my outspoken and sassy mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Scorpio through and through, but I have fire in my personality! 

Enough about me, let’s talk about this Water with a splash of Fire combo.  Having this placement gives you a feistier personality than your average Scorp.  You are also a little bit more “out there”, personal, and friendly than your dark Scorpio peers, because it is brightened with Sagittarius’ flames.  These people have great planning and visionary skills for themselves and others.  You can plan AND do.  The worst thing someone can do to you is place you in a corner, and generalize you by a stereotype.  They don’t understand that you break the mold.

You are a little bit more trusting in love than a typical Scorp as well.  You also enjoy exotic cultures, unique food, and exciting travel.  These people aren’t quite so private about how they feel, but more straightforward.  Let me rephrase; you are straightforward when emotions aren’t involved.  You are still protective of your feelings and your loved one’s feelings.  In business, this combo will be unstoppable because of their drive and tenacity.  Competition mixed with class is how these people get through life. 

When you first meet this person you will see one side or the other of this combo; you’ll meet a quirky philosophical fireball with a dark mysterious side that you will learn about months later OR you will meet a dark and quiet wall flower, that after a few drinks turns into a loud and wild party animal. 

The beautiful thing is that you have the ability to touch both sides of your characteristics. Two things people will love about you most is your independence, and your confidence.  Two things that make you magnetizing is your mystery that is mixed with a splash of madness. 

If you have this birthday, it may be hard to find your balance in personality and who you really are because of your mix in character.  However, this is a really cool combination of personality (if I do say so myself).  For your Scorpio side will keep you safe, while your Sagittarian side will keep you wild; it’s confusing, but perfection.

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