Aries Woman – Leo Man

aries, leo

Aries Woman – Leo Man

aries, leo

This is a very warm and fun relationship, I will warn you though; with too much fun can come storms.  In the beginning, she will think he is such an arrogant prick.  She is WAY too independent to be with a guy like that, but he will soon call her bluff.  He will conquer this spitfire, and make her jelly in his arms.  I can see the eyes rolling out of your heads right now Aries, but come on.. you know it’s true.

He may be the only guy who can REALLY handle her wild temper, because it just makes him laugh.  He sees right through her “tough, independent, I don’t need anybody” act.  He will like organizing their life together, and saving her from herself.  She will say things that will shock him, but he will have no problem roaring right back at her.  If you have ever seen these two squabble it is actually quite hilarious.  He is a lot more practical than she will ever be, but she will have energy that makes him look like a lazy bum.  Eventually he will slow her down, and she will loosen him up.  Isn’t that what relationships are all about?

She has an excitement about her that everyone wants to be around, and his sunny and pleasant disposition matches hers.  They are like looking at glitter in the sunlight.  See, glitter without light isn’t really anything special at all.  Together, they are magic.

Aries is known to fall a few times, but he will be more than to catch her.  She loves his strength and boldness, even though she struggles against submitting to him.  He thinks it is funny that she even tries, because he has been hers the moment he laid eyes on her, even though she had no idea.

This woman is jealous, and all Leos are born flirts.  See how that could be a problem?  When she bursts into flames at him being charming with another lady, he will coyly use his warm Leo heart and humor to bring her back with ease.  She will have to learn to forgive.  This man is loyal, remember that when you want to throw a stick of dynamite at him when he opens the door for another woman and flashes her that golden smile.

Their sex is passionate and affectionate.  She will want to feel like she is the only woman he has been with; remember that Leo.  Don’t even think to ask about her past loves though.  That won’t go over well at all.  There will need to be emotional growth for her in this area. Exes are just part of the past, let them stay where they belong Miss Aries.  He is all yours now, and I know he is more than happy to be that for you.  Leo, let her know all of the time that she is the only one that has ever really been anything of importantance to you.  This is the best advice I can give you so that the bedroom will be a fiery jungle of passionate love.

Although he will break her of some of her “I can do everything on my own” attitude; she will always be the fiercely independent woman you met.  Aries will need to learn how to complement him on a daily basis; something she is not great at.  This will have to be learned.  They will both like they have finally met their match in each other, because they are both fiery and strong signs. The way they forgive one another is something to be learned by all.

She will truly admire him, and he will be encompassed in her enthusiasm of life.  These two love each other all the way.  I mean ALL the way.  She needs his wisdom, strength, and tenderness. He loves her innocence, independence, and challenge.  The chemistry between these two us undoubtedly magical, and everyone can not only see it, but it can be felt as well.

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