Cancer Woman – Taurus Man

cancer, taurus

Cancer Woman – Taurus Man

cancer, taurus

When he meets this mystical Moon child, he is in trouble; trouble in a good way.  This beautiful woman has a way of seeping into his soul so deep that he will be forever changed.  She will show him how to feel with all of his heart, which none before have really been able to do.  Many Cancer women I meet are just waiting for that right partner in life to reach her full potential.  Don’t get me wrong; Cancer women are great alone, but it is innate in them to care for others.  They truly shine in that area.  Before she can get to that part she needs to find a stable and secure partner.  Taurus’ middle name is stable.  He will turn all of her frightful dreams into a fairytale reality.

He likes things to go at a slow and steady pace.  He loves permanency, and so does she.  She will just have to let love grow naturally, and be patient with him.  It is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen.  He does not break down easily, but she does.  He will be a great rock and support to her through her lunar swings.  They also both have a wonderful sense of humor that will mesh well with one another.  These two have so much in common, but there is one thing that they do not; jealousy.  His jealousy can lead her into deep sad emotional states.  She may even snap her claws at him in rejection, but with compromise and understanding, this can be an easy fix.  Her clingy attitude will also drive him insane, but what they must see that jealousy and clingyness are similar.  Not the same, but similar, so they should be able to empathize with one another. 

She has a hard time telling him her feelings, but not great at hiding them.  If she could just let him know how much she needs him he would feel so much better, and secure.  She will try to make it up to him by baking him his favorite cupcakes, but he doesn’t want cupcakes; he wants words of affirmation.  Then he wants the cupcakes. We all know how Taurus men love their food.

Sex with them is amazing.  It is sensual, sweet, and satisfying.  He can coax her right into his arms so smoothly she will wonder how she gets there at times.  There is something so personal about how they make love, and it makes her feel so special and safe.  He makes her feel wanted and needed, which is a wonderful way to feel.  His sincerity touches her way past her shell all the way to her soft soul.  In return she will admire him the way every man wants to be admired.  She will never leave him, give him a beautiful cozy home, and beautiful bouncing babies.  They can have it all.

Her moods are like the Moon; waxing and waning, but he has all the patience in the world for her because he knows she is worth it.  They always find their way back to each other, and it is not hard because their love is genuine.  Genuine love is not something you find everyday.

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