How to Lose a Cancer Guy in 10 Ways


How to Lose a Cancer Guy in 10 Ways



1. You don’t let him have his alone time – When the Cancer man wants to be alone, let him have his time.  He will tend to have cranky moods that can be frustrating.  He will come back, but if you try to resolve things before he is ready he will revert even further into his shell.

2. Criticize his feelings or emotions – This man is deeply emotional, and is very sensitive.  If you make fun of him for this, he will hide his true feelings from you.

3. Tell his secrets to others – This man is very secretive, and hides sides to him that not many get to see.  If he lets you in, and you turn around and blab he will be gone.

4.You are too hard – This man has a hard shell that covers his soft insides.  If he thinks you are too rough around the edges, he may assume you won’t be sensitive towards him.

5. Not getting along with his mom – This man is a momma’s boy!  If you don’t get along with his mother, that will be a HUGE problem.

6.Tell him family isn’t one of your priorities – This man has three priorities, and one of them is to have a family of his own one day.  If you aren’t interested in that, you may want to hit the road.

7.You tell him what to do too much – Like a crab, this man moves sideways a lot more than he moves forward.  If you start telling him what to do a lot, he may very well retreat.

8. Refuse to do things he really wants to do with you – If he starts feeling comfortable enough to ask you to go on adventures and outings with you, do your best not to say no.  It takes a lot of courage for these guys to ask, so don’t hurt his feelings!

9. Not laughing at his jokes – This guy’s sense of humor is looney, but if you don’t find him funny it will really hurt his sensitive ego. 

10. Giggle when he is being sentimental – If he shows you his sensitive side, don’t make him feel uncomfortable when you start seeing it.  Embrace his romantic sweetness.

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