How to Lose a Libra Guy in 10 Ways


How to Lose a Libra Guy in 10 Ways



1. You don’t appreciate his romance – The way that the Libra man shows his love is by spoiling, opening the door, and romantic gestures.  If you do not show appreciation to him for these things he will look for someone that does.

2.  You pressure him into commitment – This guy is pretty indecisive.  Yes, it will drive you insane but that’s just how this guy is.  Giving him ultimatums will not help the situation at all.  Making him think it’s his idea, and compromise are the way around this.

3. You are way too practical – This guy loves material items and the finer things in life; so if you are too practical with your dollars it will irritate him.

4. You are too loud all the time – This man’s senses are sensitive, especially his ears.  If your voice is too loud or the music is turned up too high he could get fussy.

5. Too needy of attention – This guy will charm the pants off you, but he doesn’t want a woman that needs his attention 24/7.  He wants a woman that wants him, but doesn’t need him.

6. You act obnoxiously, and have no hygiene – A screeching wild banshee of a woman who wreaks of alcohol will send this man running.  He wants a classy poised woman who smells like vanilla with a touch of floral.  This guy is all about showing his lady off, so be worth bragging about.

7. You are not ladylike – If you show up on a date with chipped black nail polish, a baggy shirt, and flip flops he will notice.  Spend time on your appearance, and look put together because he sure as shit will be.

8. Arguing too much, and start unneeded fights – This guy wants a peaceful and relaxed environment.  If you are constantly picking fights with him he will have no problem leaving for greener pastures.

9.  You think that you are better than him – You don’t want to completely fall for his charm, but you don’t want to act like a stuck up bitch either.  This guy is going to want a solid balance of both. 

10. Dress skanky – This guy will not be impressed by a short leather skirts, and hooker heels with spikes on them.  If you wreak of sex appeal he will see you as too extreme.  He wants a feminine, classy, smart, balanced, and secure woman.  Secure women do not need to sell a man with their body.

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