How to Lose a Pisces Guy in 10 Ways


How to Lose a Pisces Guy in 10 Ways


1.You don’t support his dreams – This man’s dreams are his reality so supporting his entrepreneurial mind is very important to him.

2. You caught a fishIf you catch a fish, and not a whale you may want to catch him at a different time in life.  Finding the Pisces man at the right time in his life is at the utmost importance to the both of your happiness.

3. Hates art, concerts, music, and humanities – This man loves art in all forms.  If you don’t really have any emotion towards art, you may have a hard time relating.

4. You are too available – This guy is quite emotional, so if you are too emotional and available to him, it will be a big turnoff.  He needs someone to be strong for him, and a backbone to the relationship.

5. Always wanting pity – He wants the pity, he doesn’t have time to give you any.  This somber man doesn’t need a Debby Downer, he wants some joyful light in his life.

6. No imagination – This man wants someone to dream, wish, and hope with him.  If you have little dreams of your own, how could you live in his world?

7. You are too realistic – He doesn’t want someone raining on his parade.  He wants a woman who he can tell all of his over the top stories to that will make her swoon.

8. Can’t handle his passive aggressiveness – When he is mad, you may see his passive aggressive comments come out.  Being the bigger person in the situation is always the best way to go.

9.  Staying dreamy – He lives in one fantasy for a while, and then creates a whole new one the next day.  If you don’t make yourself part of his fantasies he will swim away.

10. You are not emotionally strong – He needs a woman that is strong in areas he is not.  He needs empathy, support, and total understanding.

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