How to Lose a Scorpio Guy in 10 Ways


How to Lose a Scorpio Guy in 10 Ways



1. Assume things about him – This man keeps a lot of himself under wraps.  There are things that will remain secret about him forever, so generalizing him with others is a big mistake.

2. Act trashy – This guy is demure and secretive.  He wants his partner to be sexy, but only for him.  This man is possessive, and doesn’t want others googling at your goods.

3. Being wishy washy – This guy is black and white.  If he sees that you don’t stand your ground on your beliefs he will look at you as being weak.

4.  Lie to him – This man is a human lie detector as well as being one hell of a detective.  Once trust is broken, he will be out.

5. Make him look bad in front of people – This guy is not the best at taking jokes.  Underneath all of his mystery is a sensitive spirit.  Embarrass him and feel the sting.

6. Leave during a disagreement – This will only make the problem worse than it already is.  He likes to resolve things as fast as possible.  His emotions are like a volcano, suppressed until brought on by a disturbance.

7. Uncomfortable with sex – This man is sex.  If you are uncomfortable with your body he will tell.  Sex is a religion and a spiritual act to Scorpio.  You have to understand this to really connect with him.

8. Pry at him – If he doesn’t want to tell you something it is to help you, not to hurt you.  Do not pry at him, or he will anger.

9. Act like you are his mom – This man does not need another mother.  He has one, and that is plenty.

10. Play hard to get – This guy doesn’t want a stage 5 clinger, but he also doesn’t want to feel like you are unsure that you want him.  You are either in or you are out.

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