How to Lose a Virgo Guy in 10 Ways


How to Lose a Virgo Guy in 10 Ways


1. Have no sense of orderThe Virgo man is all about keeping everything in line, so if you are a mess he will tend to react very critically.

2.  You are dirty – He likes to keep things clean, including your mouth.  If you curse like a sailor he will find you distasteful.  Keep your shirts pressed, and your mouth washed out with soap.

3. Make him feel like he is not needed – This man’s sole existence is to feel needed by someone.  If you make him feel like you have it all on your own he may not feel like he has no role in your life.  Even if it’s asking him to open a jar that you are perfectly capable of opening yourself; just ask him.

4. You take too much time apart from him – Once this bachelor of the zodiac really commits, he won’t want long periods of time without you.  Many Virgos are even known to work with their mates.

5. Be wasteful – This man does not like to waste food, money, air, anything.  If you are a wasteful person, he will be displeased.

6. Take him for granted – If you complain about everything, he will start to feel defeated.  He tends to be very hard on himself so he will need to hear how amazing and wonderful he is from you.

7.  Boss him around too much – This guys has his stuff together 99.9% of the time, and doesn’t need someone telling him what to do.  He wants a stable and supportive partner.

8. Criticize him constantly – This man is quite critical in general, and he is also his own biggest critic.  This means he doesn’t need you to be hard on him as well.  Be positive, and boost him up; it will go a very long way.

9. You have too many bad habits – This man is quite particular on just about everything in his life.  He will be forgiving of a few quirks here and there, but if you are hot mess it will be too much for him to handle.

10. You do not seem like you will be faithful – Once this man has chosen you as his Cinderella, he will want true loyalty.  Virgos only have one true love of their life so don’t screw it up by screwing around.

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