How to Lose an Aries Guy in 10 Ways


How to Lose an Aries Guy in 10 Ways


1. Not enough sexThe Aries man LOVES sex, he is a fire sign after all.  Sex is important to him because he has a lot of energy that he needs to use, and this is a way to feel close and have fun with you.  Withholding sex with this guy will drive him away.

2. You always want to be in control – He likes to be the man in the relationship.  He doesn’t need his woman controlling his every move.  This guys is masculine, and likes to stay that way.

3.  Being a prude – He is fiery and fun.  If you dull his fire, he will be on the run.

4. Not apologetic – This man is a big baby.  He also has a very hard time admitting he is wrong.  Be the bigger person, and apologize first.  He will be back in your arms in no time.

5. Pursue him – This man doesn’t need to be pursued.  If he isn’t after you, he doesn’t want you.  He is not one to play games or hide how he feels.

6. Not enough attention – This man loves to be swooned over.  Like I said, he is a big baby.  He loves when things are all about him.

7. Flirt with other guys – This man is jealous, and will not have the apple of his eye flirting with other guys.  That is a quick way to see his short temper flare.

8.  He isn’t stable in his career – This man’s career is very important to him.  If he isn’t sure or stable of his future, he most likely is not ready for a serious relationship.

9. Embarrass him – If you embarrass him in front of people you will surely be playing with fire.  This mans man is not about being made to look like a fool in front of anyone.

10. You kiss his ass too much – He likes playful push back.  He is a string personality that needs someone to keep him in line every once in a while.

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