Sagittarius Woman – Sagittarius Man


Sagittarius Woman – Sagittarius Man


It is really quite astounding when these two find each other.  Their paths will have to cross just at the right time for this to truly work.  You see, these two are both so fiery, both incredibly independent, and both are always on a journey with no destination necessarily in sight.  So if they happen to cross paths in this thing we call life, and decide to start traveling down the same path together, it is really something quite spectacular.

They are both Mutable Signs, meaning they are quite the experts when it comes to language, communication, jokes, puns, word games, riddles – I think you get my point.  When they first meet he will notice her fiery energy from across the room, and be drawn to her like a moth to a flame (pun intended).  One would not call a Sagittarian Man shy, so he will go up to her with a big grin on his face and say something to her like this, “Have you ever tried to eat a clock?”  Now, if this was most women an expression of shock or confusion may come over their face, but this is another Sag we are dealing with here and there is little that shocks her, so she will play along, “I can’t say I have.”  He will reply, “It’s very time consuming.”  There will be a second of silence, and then they will both break out into laughter.  That’s how their relationship is, full of hilarity and quick witted jokes.

It is not all fun and games though because they are both very fiery beings.  One second they will be fighting and the next they will be making up.  Not many can move at their pace, but they enjoy keeping up with each other.  Just as funny as they can be, their honesty can be a bit brutal at times as well.  They are not the best at fixing things verbally, so some of the times it is best to just take some time apart to let things cool down before coming back together.  They also have a tendency to exaggerate the truth on occasion.  It is not like they are necessarily lying, they just like to make things seem more interesting than they really are.  Just remember to keep the truth at the core of everything you do, no matter how much the truth can be boring to you.  Relationships are built on trust, so make sure your building blocks are there with each other.

These two don’t do anything half-ass, including relationships.  Sex is no exception to this Sagittarian rule.  There will be little that needs work in this department. When it comes to sex with these two fire signs there will be a lot of talking, touching, laughing, warmth, and fun. There is so much in common with these two that they will really vibe with one another.  There is much affection and expressive love between these two, that brings a sense of safety and security that all Sagittarius men and women secretly long for.  No matter how independent these two are, they are a sign that is most definitely known for wearing their heart on their sleeve.  These two will be able to have a vulnerability with one another, and unbarred romance that most people could only dream about, and a fiery love that doesn’t hold back even an ounce.  These are things that they should most definitely cherish about one another.

Money will be something that comes and goes with these two.  It is most definitely not at the forefront of importance in their relationship.  They will make it, spend it, and then make some more.  They would rather experience life than sit at home, and check their back account while eating leftovers.  To them, money is to be earned to experience life.  In many ways, if these two could be independently wealthy and travel the world together experiencing new cultures, trying different cuisine, and hearing the philosophies of others – that would be the perfect life.  However, most are not independently wealthy so they will work to gain those experiences one paycheck at a time.  After all, you can’t take your money when you die anyways.
Throughout the years they will only become closer to one another.  These two have so much luck to get them through the hard times, enough Fire to get them through the cold, and enough laughter to keep it all together.  They will love telling their children and grandchildren about the many adventures they had together. They will have a full life of learning, movement, seeking, chasing, traveling, fighting, making up, and experiencing life only a Sagittarian really can – all the way.  


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