Aquarius Woman – Aquarius Man


Aquarius Woman – Aquarius Man



Aquarians are hard people to pin down.  I guess when you are from another planet, it would be pretty hard for anyone to really understand you off the bat.  But when these two see each other for the first time they will smirk a bit because they can recognize a universe traveler when they see one.  They will most undeniably be friends first and lovers later.  The code to any Aquarian’s heart is always friendship first.  They see friendship much more valuable than love which to most may seem odd, but they understand that when the love fades in and out which it does in many relationships, that friendship will get them through the tough times.  Without a strong friendship in a relationship in their relationships, an Aquarius wouldn’t survive.

In fact these two will most typically meet through friends.  They both will have large circles of friends of all different backgrounds, and will enjoy getting to know each other’s friends as well.  Their social group is nothing to scoff at.  These two are a popular pair, and will know many.  After all, life is all about who you know.

When these two have discovered each others friends, habits, ups, downs, quirks, and built a friendship with one another, they will start to “fall” in love.  I used “fall” in quotes, because Aquarius men and women don’t really fall anywhere.  They typically put a great deal of thought into serious actions such as love.  They will be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife to each other.  They will be each other’s travel companion, their shoulder to lean on, their saint, their sinner, their magic, their dreams, their reality, and of course their best friend.  You see, Aquarius partners expect a lot out of their partner, and will settle for nothing less than the best.

When it comes to sex, they will both expect the extraordinary from each other.  Anything less is just not acceptable.  Once they can figure out each other’s sexpectations, love making will come so naturally.  They have this platonic yet understanding relationship together and their sex is so friendly and understanding because of it.  The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” does not apply to these two.  Their curiosity with each other will open new doors to different worlds that they will enjoy exploring together.

Not everything is always hunky-dory with these two all the time, especially if they don’t like each other’s friends.  In most relationships there will be a time where leaving one’s friends behind is part of being in a committed relationship, but that is absolutely not how an Aquarius works.  They hold on to their friends no matter what.  Even if the friendship is not necessarily healthy. You could see how that can become an issue.  They are also both Fixed Signs which means that they do not lead and they do not follow.  In other words, they are both stubborn.  If they can focus their energy into their naturally humanitarian ways, their natural fixity in their personalities can make them achieve huge change in the world together.

Aquarius are a unique breed in the fact that they are indeed a Fixed Sign, which tends to mean they do not change.  Yet the typical Aquarius is dying for change.  This may seem confusing so let me explain a bit more.  Aquarians want change on a large scale for the better specifically in humanitarian efforts, but are unwilling to change their personal ideals about it or any other ideas they have for that matter.  Once their mind is set on how a way something should be, it would be very hard to make them see it in another way.  So if these two are able to join efforts to a cause, their may be absolutely no stopping them.  How amazing would that be?  The stars would have to align for this to happen, but it could happen. 

The most beautiful thing about Aquarians is their element of surprise.  You never know what to expect with these two.  They will constantly be surprising each other one day after another.  They may forget the details in life, but it is the big picture that really matters most to them both in life and in love.  They don’t sweat the small stuff, yet relish together in the entirety of their alien like beings.



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