Pisces Woman – Taurus Man

Featured, pisces, taurus

Pisces Woman – Taurus Man

Featured, pisces, taurus

It will probably be just like any other day on the day that they meet.  The Taurus man will be in his usual routine of things; French press coffee, the crisp morning paper, and off to work.  Taurus men love routine.  He may do a little grocery shopping that day after work, and he will see her.  It is as though he was seeing magic for the first time.   She won’t even necessarily be doing anything out of the ordinary, something as simple as smelling her produce selections.  But its the way that she does everything that memorizes him.  He can just tell from a split second that she feels and senses things so much deeper than most.  He can feel her feminine energy from across the aisle.  She is so beautiful, so gentle, so fluid.  He knows immediately that he has to find a way to make him hers, and with his incredible patience and wit he may just have that by accidentally bumping into her in the canned soup aisle.  

This man is steady, sure and protective which are things that she so desperately needs.  He is a comforting teddy bear, which is something that she has been looking for whenever her nightmares tend to rear their ugly head.  She has so many rushing thoughts, and she is looking for that earth to slow her down.  He will love everything tangible about her; her soft voice, her gracefulness, the way she touches his skin ever so softly, and they way that she listens to his woes with such intent.  He may believe at first that he has a damsel in distress on his hands at first, but once she opens up he will realize how incredibly strong and intelligent she is.  She will do things that surprise him when he least expects it.

There will be adjustments that these two have to make to make their love last.  You see, she has so many dreams and so many ideas which can cause her mind to wonder frequently.  There will be many times in her life where her spirit wants to go where the wind takes her, or in her case where the water takes her.  This will seem very ridiculous to him seeing that he is a man of routine and discipline.  He couldn’t imagine a life with such a rootless existence like the ones that she dreams up.  He wants financial security, and money to her is not the number one priority in life.  So through the years because of her natural personality to be more flexible, she will bend to make her bull happy.  But take heed Taurus, because if you never take her dreams into consideration and never once bend for her, there is a high chance that she will swim away from you so that she can fulfill her lifelong dreams without you.  She won’t look back.  So if you want this union to work, Taurus put your stubbornness aside and listen to her dreams and Pisces stand up for what you want!

He may have days where he doesn’t completely understand her, and that is quite fine.  You see she is a deep water sign, and the way she feels are not always meant to be understood.  You have to understand that she in many ways is like a sponge.  She absorbs feelings, energy, happiness, sadness, and many more feelings that are all around her.  Her perceptiveness IS her magic.  This is the thing that made him fall in love with her, but will also be the thing that he will wish he understood more.  It would be smart of you to listen to her in most circumstances.  When a Pisces speaks, I always listen to what they have to say and meditate on it.  They are the last in the karmic wheel and have this wisdom about them that should be considered.

She is ever changing like the ocean tides, and he is so solid like the Earth that needs the water to grow.  They need each other you see in many ways.  They will find so much blending and connections when it comes to sex.  They naturally bring each other so much fulfillment when it comes, and water brings nourishment to land.  They sense a beautiful truth in the way that they connect to each other.  His senses are what guides him and her emotions are what guides her.  He loves the way that she feels him so deeply, that it may even bring him to tears.  They are easily able to blend them together when sexually combining.  It feels so real, so right, so natural, and so healing.    

There is always a hint of mystery to her, something in her watery eyes that his always sure mind will never be sure of.  He will either love it or leave it, but one thing he will never do is forget it.  If I can give this man three bis of advice, it would be this;

  1. Never try to conform her to what society dubs as “normal”.  She is by every definition an original. 
  2. Never mistake her kindness for weakness, or she will soon disappear whenever the tide comes in high and she can be washed away leaving you sad and confused. 
  3. When she is feeling heavy with emotions, don’t always try to understand her or fix her.  Hold her, support her, be the rock that she needs, be the steadfast man that you so innately already are. 

There will be a night when these two are going for their nightly walk on a brisk autumn night, and she will stop and turn to him to say, “Can you hear it? The snow is coming.  I can hear it in the wind.”  Instead of correcting her to let her know that you cannot quite possibly HEAR snow coming, sit there and try to feel it with her.  When he wakes up the next morning after drinking his morning French press, he will go to collect his paper to discover that the first powdery snow of the year is covering the ground.  He can’t help but smile because he will remember how magical she really is.


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