Pisces Woman – Gemini Man

Featured, gemini, pisces

Pisces Woman – Gemini Man

Featured, gemini, pisces

The Pisces woman may seem naive to many people because of her sweet and most times self-sacrificing actions, but one thing most people don’t understand is that she is a lot smarter than most people give her credit for.  The Pisces woman will do what it takes to get what she wants, and the same goes for her and her Gemini man.  As many of you know, or maybe you don’t, this match is not always the easiest to combine.  Knowing this, the Pisces woman will have to make a tough choice; she will leave, or she will continue to sacrifice small things for the big picture which is not only capturing but keeping the Gemini man that she loves.  I have spoken many times before about how this man is like sand; if you hold on too tight he will slip through your fingers.  She will have to find a balance when it comes to him if she wants him, all of him, to stick around.  Lucky for her, she was born with incredible intuition to know when to push and pull, when to get close and when to step away.  It may not always be at the times that she desires, but she is smart enough to know what and how to do it.  So yes, to many outsiders it may seem that she gives up so much to keep this man around but she knows exactly what she is doing.

Gemini are very smart and clever, but he is blind to her strategy and will love how easy things seem to be with her.  However, if he is smart he will not take her kindness for weakness because if one day she is fed up with his antics she will swim away never to be seen again.  One thing that will always keep his interest with her is how naturally beautiful she is.  There is just something so deep that he will never really be able to touch with her.  She is a mystery and his clever mind loves the challenge that she is, never really being able to figure her out all the way.  He loves to just look at her.  She will often catch him staring at her and will coyly say, “Why are you staring at me?  Is something wrong with my hair?”, all the while knowing perfectly well that she looks fabulous.  She likes his attention when she can get it, but never asks for it directly.  

The thing she will love about him is all of his clever ideas that pop up literally out of nowhere.  She finds her life so much more fascinating with him in it.  There are many sides to him as there are with all Gemini, but one of his favorite sides that she loves is the little boy that is in him.  He is constantly surprising her and supporting her many dreams that cross through her very deep mind.  They are both Mutable Signs making them able to talk for hours and hours with each other about new ideas and dreams of theirs they would love to accomplish.  He is so exciting to her.  She is not deeply concerned with money so the fact that he may change jobs at the drop of the hat will not worry her as much as it would to most women.  He always finds a way to work it out, and she loves watching him work his Gemini magic.

One big difference they will need to see eye to eye on his how they spend their time and how efficient one should be with their time.  He is busy doing and she is busy being.  Pisces believes and knows that life shouldn’t be rushed, and that there will be plenty more hours the next day while Gemini can’t get things done fast enough.  He is always moving from project to project, job to job, place to place making her head spin.  At times he will see her as slow and lazy and at times she will see him as an anxious busy body.  The best advice I can give is to spend plenty of time apart doing the things you love at the pace you want.  Besides, time apart makes the heart grow fonder.

One way that will always make them feel closer is the physical chemistry that they have together.  His flighty fun nature may be hard for her to adjust to, but she will teach him a way to connect together that is deeper and slower.  It is like as if a fish and butterfly were to try to live together, it will take adjustment but once the adjustment is found it is unique and beautiful.  Her intense emotional sexuality freaks him out, and his aloofness turns her off.  She needs to move things slowly and work towards the emotions, and he needs to allow himself to truly open up to her.  They will have to begin to sexually understand each other for this to work. Their sexual energy is mysterious but a powerful and bonding experience for both of them that will teach each other different dimensions of love and sex.  Before sex comes into the picture with them, I would strongly suggest that they grow a strong base together first so that they have a better understanding of each other’s needs.

One of her deepest needs is to feel needed.  If he is not sensitive towards this it can truly break her heart.  He must realize that he has gained such a precious, deep, and emotional soul that many would be lucky to call their own.  If he can take a look around and really realize all that she keeps together for him while he is off on one of his many escapades, he will realize how much he really does need her.  How much he needs her consistency, understanding, and wise soul in his wild life.  When his sarcasm strikes her heart, she must remember that she has a gem of a man that can change color and personality making life more vivid than it ever was before.  Every time she feels a need to swim away he will say to her in the sweetest boy-like voice, “Honestly love, what would I do without you in my life?”, and she will forget what he did to hurt her in the first place.



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