Answer Key

1. Which Sun Sign is ruled by the Moon?
a) Scorpio
b) Pisces
c) Cancer

2. Which Sun Sign is related with the color red?
a) Aries
b) Sagittarius
c) Leo

3. Which Sun Sign rules the feet?
a) Gemini
b) Taurus
c) Pisces

4. Which Sun Sign is associated with the butterfly?
a) Aquarius
b) Gemini
c) Libra

5. Which Sun Sign is known for their intense stare?
a) Virgo
b) Aquarius
c) Scorpio

6.Which Sun Sign is known as a Cardinal Sign (Leaders of the Zodiac)?
a) Leo
b) Libra
c) Sagittarius

7. Which one of these Sun Sign’s glyph (symbol) is an arrow?
a) Scorpio
b) Sagittarius
c) Capricorn

8. Which of these Sun Signs is known to be the clean freaks?
a) Sagittarius
b) Virgo
c) Libra

9. Which of these Sun Sign’s element is an Earth Sign?
a) Cancer
b) Aries
c) Capricorn

10. Which one of these Sun Signs is known to be the royalty of the Zodiac?
a) Leo
b) Libra
c) Virgo

11. Which of these Sun Signs is known for their patience?
a) Taurus
b) Aries
c) Gemini

12. Which one of these Sun Signs is known for being the humanitarian of the group?
a) Aquarius
b) Leo
c) Capricorn

How did you do?

0-3 Correct – ZODIAC NEWBIE – Get Your Study On!  There is a whole universe of stars for you to learn about.  Definitely go back and read all of the links to further your knowledge.
4-6 Correct – STAR GAZER – You are on the right path, but there is still so much to learn. Getting the basics down is a great place to start!
7-9 Correct – SUN SIGN PRO – You definitely know your stuff, but still have a bit to learn. Pick one Astrology topic a week to set a goal with.
10-12 Correct – UNIVERSE GURU – You are definitely quite knowledgeable when it comes to Astrology!  Great job!

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