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Have you ever been told that you are a natural born leader, that you are a great communicator, or that you are really organized? Ever think that this may have to do with your sun sign? My guess is probably not, but it does!

There are 3 personality types of the zodiac and you will see that each element is assigned one(we will be going over elements in my next post). These personality types are called quadruplicities or “modes”, all of which are listed below;

Cardinal Signs (Leaders)
Aries – Fire
Cancer – Water
Libra – Air
Capricorn – Earth

Fixed Signs (Organizers)
Taurus – Earth
Leo – Fire
Scorpio – Water
Aquarius – Air

Mutable Signs (Communicators)
Gemini – Air
Virgo – Earth
Sagittarius – Fire
Pisces – Water

Let’s break these modes down a little further so that you understand them at a deeper level in how they use their sun sign’s given energy

Cardinal signs are your natural born leaders and your self-starters. These signs begin each of the seasons and are excellent and getting things moving. They are the ones who “GO”. They tend to give out a lot of energy by being very assertive and influential. They promote change sometimes for others, but mostly for their own sake. They like to be at the head of the pack and typically dominate most situations.
*Example – My Libra friend is as soft spoken as a turtle dove, yet she is strong leader in so many ways. She is EXTREMELY convincing without being pushy and is constantly an advocate for anyone to change their life for the better.

Fixed signs are your organizers and the ones who are steady. These signs prefer to keep their energy contained by leaving their environment as it is. They were born at a time when the seasons were in full swing. They are extremely consistent people in that they conserve their energy use. Ever heard the saying, “people are creatures of habit”? They must have made that saying for the fixed signs. Fixed signs tend to be very hard workers, but at times can be very resistant to change.
*Example – Two of my previous roommates are both Leos, they actually share the same birthday, and they most definitely had a routine in their daily tasks. RARELY did they change the way they did certain things like the way they would put their make up on or the way they did their laundry. Being a fixed sign myself, if I walk into a place that is unorganized I get anxiety. We love ORDER.

Mutable signs are your communicators or your chatter boxes as they may say. These signs both give out and keep energy making them unstoppable and most flexible in all environments. They were born at a time when the seasons were transitioning and changing. They have the gift to be able to be content with their environment as well as having the need to control it. This can be a blessing and a curse by causing indecisiveness at times.
*Example – One of my best friends is a Gemini and my boyfriend is a Virgo, both of them are extremely indecisive yet can morph into any social setting and be completely comfortable. Ask either one of them to talk about a certain subject and you will be completely entertained, ask them to make a specific decision and they will change their mind at least three times, while telling you why of course. It’s endearing…. most of the time.

All in all just remember that each quadruplicity is special and has certain strengths and certain weaknesses.  Take a look around and see what mode is predominately at your place of work, or how the modes tend to give the people in your family certain “roles”.  How much of this can you apply to the people you know?  More than you expected I bet.  “Like” and write about it in my new Facebook page www.facebook.com/simplysunsigns.  I am going to go re-organize my closet.

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