The Elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

The Elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

aquarius, aries, cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo

After learning about the 3 modes yesterday, lets add another dimension by understanding the 4 elements. By understanding these, you will add a further basic keyword interpretation

Have you ever meet someone with a fiery personality that demands attention the moment they walk into the room?  Have you ever meet someone that is just so practical and down to earth?  How about someone that stimulates your mind with their articulate? What about a friend of yours that is emotional and deep?  I am sure that you have people in your life that fits one, if not all of these descriptions.  This post is going to explain the differences of each of the 4 elements, and how they can influence certain behavioral traits;

Fire (Inspirational)
Aries – Cardinal
Leo – Fixed
Sagittarius – Mutable
Earth (Material)
Taurus – Fixed
Virgo – Mutable
Capricorn – Cardinal
Air (Mental)
Gemini – Mutable
Libra – Cardinal
Aquarius – Fixed
Water (Emotional/Sensitive)
Cancer – Cardinal
Scorpio – Fixed
Pisces – Mutable

Lets get into the specifics of each of these elements so that you can really understand their complexities…

Fire signs have an explosive, enthusiastic, and energetic nature to them.  They are the life of the party and adventurous. Their energy burns bright and furious.  Have you ever meet someone with a “big personality”?  They are most likely a fire sign.  They are typically loud, wild, and fun.  My great friend is a Leo and when she walks in the room she literally lights it up with her huge fiery Ora.  Her mother is a Sagittarius and she has quite the personality to match!

Earth signs are characterized as practical and have a steady and sensuous nature.  They are very reliable and efficient.  There is a sense of calmness that you get when you are around these earthly beings because they are so grounded.  They are material in how things feel to the touch and this is very important to them. These people also love comfortable and practical surroundings You will never meet a Taurus with an uncomfortable bed.  My Capricorn friend never wears socks because she does not like the way they feel on her feet. My Virgo boyfriend bought five different hair products to find the one that texturizes his hair the correct way. My Virgo mother’s house is always spotless.

Air signs have a very thoughtful and intellectual nature.  These people’s heads are always in the clouds, but they have clarity of thought and are very good at strategizing.  There is a certain lightness and playfulness to these celestial beings and when you meet them they can really be a breath of fresh air and even float as they walk.  Because of their constant movement as an element, they can typically tend to have struggles with committing to things.  Things are very nonchalant for them, but if they need to come down to Earth and lay down the law, they can play that card as well.  However, they prefer to spend their time in the sky – besides, the view is quite beautiful way up there.

Water signs tend to have a very sensitive, and compassionate nature.  They are also the most gifted with intuitive and perceptive abilities.  They make a lot of their decisions based on their emotion. I am sure how you can see how that can be a beautiful yet destructive way to live if not carefully done.  They love and live hard and their passion, depth and spiritualism is unmatched. Their imaginations are usually vivid especially if you are a dreamy Pisces. I have a beautiful Cancer girl friend who is incredibly nurturing and loving.  You can literally see the emotion in her blue water-like eyes when she talks to you, especially if you are discussing something that ties to any kind of emotion.  When I want to talk to someone who emotionally feels for me, she is my go to.

Do you see how adding the mode (yesterdays post) to the element creates a 2nd dimension… pretty cool huh?  Well what happens when you mix any of the 4 components – harmony, disaster… maybe a little bit of both?  One of the questions I get a lot is, “Is it bad if I date the same sign?”  My answer is no, IF you learn to control your element.  There is something called too much of a good thing.  Check in tomorrow to see how you BLEND

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