The Virgo Boss



The Virgo Boss


If anyone can manipulate complicated projects and see them through without any disastrous mistakes, it’s a Virgo. They are excellent at taking a mess and tying all of the lose ends. They are miraculous at putting together a plan, but they need to do it in privacy and on there own time. If you walk past your Virgo boss’ door, don’t be put off by the fact that it is shut. They do their best work when they are alone. Something else you must understand about a Virgo boss is that they are just going to say it like it is. A Virgo boss calls a turnip a turnip, and sometimes becomes surprised when people get upset that they didn’t pretend it was a tulip. They don’t play the political games as well as some of the other signs, not because they can’t but because they won’t. A lot of times they will miss being the machinery of the business, so to appease this by taking a very hands on approach. They are VERY dedicated to their work, and will see any potential uncharted dangers ahead, upside-down and backwards.

You will have to be alert and on your toes if you are looking for a promotion from your Virgo boss. They do not accept sloppiness in any form. Accept their critical nature with care, and just don’t make mistakes. It’s really quite simple. Once you have adjusted to their perfectionist attitude, you will find that they are extremely kind-hearted and fair. Sick leave will be understood, sloppy reports will not. Keep your desk clean, and your skirt length appropriate. Got it?

Both my Executive (male) and my Vice President (female) are Virgoans. They never have a hair out of place and are both extremely tactful. Being the mutable signs that they are, they are extremely good at speaking and communicating what they want from you. Although they can be critical at times, it is constructive and coming from a place of care. They are always up for helping me with whatever I need with their hands on approach, and will go to bat for me in the blink of an eye.

Your Virgo boss may be the one who is chewing on Tums all day from anxiety because their heads are filled with numbers, facts and figures but remember their soul is full of compassion. If you give your Virgo boss the respect and support that they deserve they will never hurt you. Even if you may not feel like words of encouragement would be appreciated by your Virgo boss, try and you will touch them to their core.

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