How to Spot a Taurus



How to Spot a Taurus


These people have a strong and silent type of personality.  Until you get to know this Taurus you will probably get short and sweet answers to your questions.  They are solid and sturdy people, and there isn’t much that can disturb their peace.  You could throw an egg at their face and they wouldn’t move an inch.  Once you have pissed them off they typically just want to be alone.  However, if you push these peaceful creatures too much you are asking for it.  If he or she has been pushed too far, get out of the way FAST.  They will destroy everything in their path, yes even a Scorpio.  Just remember though that this is a rare occasion, and you will find it extremely difficult to do so.

Most of these Sun signs will actually resemble a bull in some way.  The men will be sturdy, and the women will have this transparent, peaceful, yet steady look in their eyes.  She will be graceful and move slowly but you will see the strength in her body.  The men usually have broad shoulders and thick necks.  Their ears are a little small and they tend to chew their food slowly.  They usually have dark wavy hair and dark eyes.  For those blonde and fair skin Taureans, they will still have that definite sense of strength about them.  Yes, most of them have a strong sturdy body even if they are plump or skinny.  They are still strong.

They are very attracted to the opposite sex and when they find someone that they want, they do not pursue it full force.  A Bull will not waste their time chasing someone around.  They aren’t big on visiting, they would rather be visited.  If you want this Taurus, call them.  They will most likely pick up, and when they do throw something romantic out and they will make it clear if they are interested or not.  Taurus seldom worries about much.  They are stoic by nature and not much can break their typical routine.

These stealthy people are homebodies much like Cancers.  They truly enjoy being in their own surroundings.  If they live in a crowded apartment they will feel the need to escape often.  They love going for walks in serene and quiet places to get back in touch with nature and the earth.  It is innate in them to feel this way.  If they do not own their home, that is probably one of their biggest goals in life. 

Typically Taureans are very healthy.  The only thing that would ever hurt them is their stubbornness by not listening to their doctor.  They tend to be quite happy people with good attitudes which always helps with recovering from any ailment.  Taurus rules the throat so they will be prone to more soar throats than most.  They also love food and drink, so some may have heart or weight problems if proper exercise is not in place.

One very obvious signs that your friend or lover is a Taurus is by their stubbornness.  They don’t see it as stubbornness, they see it as patience. They often feel misunderstood in this area of their life because to them they are just being practical and firm.  This can be a bad thing for these soft souls because they tend to take on burdens heavily. Their best virtue is by far patience, but patience and stubbornness are two different thing.  One of my good friends is a Taurus Woman, and I love sitting to talking to her and learning from her because she is on the other end of the karmic wheel being that I am a Scorpio.  We can sit and talk for hours and she always has lessons to teach me of patience, understanding, and virtue.  She has a philosophical way of speaking that almost brings peace to your mind. I admire her because I am so different from her.

As I mentioned earlier, Taurus love to eat and drink.  They eat anything and everything from hot peppers to chocolate to steak.  It is rare to find a Taurus that you would consider a picky eater.  They have great earthy senses of humor that is typically not mean or vulgar.  Taurueans tend to also be good with their money.  They are not all millionaires, but they also aren’t taking free handouts either.  They are not power hungry people, but enjoy the dollars that come with power.  They are not stingy people and are happy to lend a helping hand or dollar if need be.

Places they love to visit are big cities to stare up in amazement at the large buildings.  They also love to appreciate things like beautiful pieces of art.  They truly enjoy any type of art especially music as well.  Music touches their soul in a way that it does not touch others, and drawing or painting will be something that they love.  Some Taurus beings have beautiful singing and speaking voices as well. 

I know this sounds ridiculous, but you will never find a Taurus with a lot of red in their home for the simple fact that the color does not give them any peace.  They will enjoy earth tones, blue and rose but never red.  A lot of green and brown will do them just fine.

These folks are very practical people, but they can shine brighter than the moon on the sea.  There is not a lot that is tiny about these people especially when it comes to love.  They love big because that is the only way they see fit.  They are patient and deep like a never ending woodland, with strength that can move any peak.  Just don’t forget that they are also stubborn. 

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