Leo Woman – Capricorn Man

capricorn, leo

This relationship may come as a shock to those who know these two when they first get together.  It seems puzzling to most because these two are very different.  People will whisper and speculate how and why these two are together, but neither of them care because Leos and Capricorns are not ones to take notice of gossip.  The Capricorn’s friends will think… how could this conservative man be attracted to such an extravagant and over the top woman who expects and almost demands every one of her whimsical wishes granted?  See the Lioness, Queen of the Jungle, may look to her side or down at someone but will never look up.  The Leos friends will think… how could this warm hearted woman be attracted to such a cautious, penny pinching man who rarely pays compliments, frowns on luxury and doesn’t even like attending loud crazy parties?  This guy has the most undramatic emotions and feelings.  What does she see in him?


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