Aries Woman – Gemini Man

aries, gemini


Aries Woman – Gemini Man

aries, gemini

This relationship can really work, or be a total disaster.  Gemini’s are known to tell you when they are really happy and really upset.  They aren’t really ones to hide much.  Aries are very much “in the moment type of people” whether it is love or hate, they just do what pleases them at that time and then let it work itself out the next day.  These two will have a very communicative and friendly relationship, but they will definitely have their fights.  When they argue and it will be loud, but never anything serious.  What brings these two together is their carefree attitude towards everything…. well almost everything.  It is almost as these two became friends instantly the first time they ever spoke.  Friendship is at the core of this relationship.

One thing that will cause trouble with these two is jealousy.  Aries women are jealous, not possesive but jealous (there’s a big difference).  This comes from the Aries nature of always being afraid to lose the one they love to something or someone else.  When they feel jealousy it tends to be irrational.  Gemini men are typically not jealous at all, and this could be a big problem for her.  You see when you have a strong feeling about something, you usually want the person you are with to feel and react in a similar nature.  That is just not going to happen with this guy my fiery princess.  It is not that he doesn’t care for you, he is just so busy in his own mind and goes about everything in a very airy way.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a lot for this woman to feel jealousy.  The Gemini man could say hi to a woman in the street and she may blow a gasket.  That’s just how these ladies can be at times.  They are not sneaky and have a very “in your face” approach.  For a man that is afraid of feeling shackled, as Geminis are, this could be a problem.  My advice to you Aries, if you want to keep this quick minded man around, is to tame your jealousy to a rational amount.  Everything in moderation.

This woman is energetic, a self starter, and ambitious.  She may be what you would consider pushy, but it’s because she knows her own mind and what she wants.  They are women who believe that they can do anything men can do and that they can do it better.  They are the “Female Chauvinist” of the Zodiac, which is fitting considering they are a Masculine Cardinal Fire sign.  These women are all woman, but sometimes have to try a little harder to act like a lady.  This man is in need of a girl to have a good game of mental tennis with him.  He, much like an Aquarius, falls in love with his mind first and then his heart will follow.  She however is opposite; she falls in love with her heart, and then her mind follows.  It sounds like it would be a bad match, but it’s actually not…. think about it.

This woman needs to feel safe and secure before letting her walls of fire around her heart down.  He will make her feel that way knowing that he is in love with her mind.  She will love their long conversations that can turn into silly bickering.  He will love to start them… she will most likely end them.  This charming man will love her for her.  Remember he is the sign of the twins.  He will have two, if not more, personalities inside that quicksilver mind of his.  He will be able to switch personalities when her fire goes up.  One thing that will driver her bananas is his tardiness.  Stop being late for everything Gemini!!!  You are driving her crazy.  They don’t mean to be late, their twins just get so busy doing so many things at once they forget about time.  Two words Aries – Freedom and Love.  Combine these two, and give a lot of both to this man and he will always be yours.

When it comes to sex, it is colorful to say the least.  His incredible imagination creates dreams into reality.  In bed she puts everything out on the table….. I mean the bed.  His approach is lighter which may annoy her at times.  He is not holding back from you Aries, he just goes about things in a much more soft way than you in the bedroom.  He is dream she is tangibility; if you mix the two you get best of both worlds.

When you get home Aries, leave this page open on your computer so that he may “accidentally” read it to spark his memory of how bored he was before he meet you.  It will remind him of the strong and fun woman he meet that instantly became his best friend.

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