Capricorn Woman – Sagittarius Man

capricorn, sagittarius

The first time he ever meets this woman he will love that she knows exactly what she wants.  He will love her femininity and that she listens to all of his big dreams he has for his life.  He loves that her goals are not small so that they can dream of the future together.  She appears to be so gentle, passive, and girly.  You are making a huge mistake Sagittarius… this girl is tough.  This chick doesn’t go tiptoeing through the tulips as you might suspect.  She will take punches like they are nothing to get where she wants to go.  Capricorns are climbers, and will stop at nothing.  This woman wants to know a person’s intentions probably before they even had any. 

Sagittarian men are typically romantically promiscuous, but that is not going to cut it for this woman.  It takes a special female to lock this man down, and once he is, he is the prince charming you always imagined.  Capricorn women are practical when it comes to love as they are practical about really everything in their life.  Behave yourself Sag, this woman doesn’t put up with any bull shit.  If you love her, behave yourself!   


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