How to Spot a Scorpio



How to Spot a Scorpio


I am feeling a little vain today, so I thought I would write about my magnificent mysterious Zodiac Sign.  You should really learn how to recognize all of the signs especially this one if you are looking to either run when you find a Scorp or if you are seeking out one of these intense creatures.  The absolute BEST way to figure out if someone is a Scorpio is by their eyes.  They are typically piercing with strong intensity.  If you are stared down by a Scorpio it may make you feel extremely uncomfortable, and that’s usually the intention.  It’s almost as though we are penetrating your soul with our intense gaze.  When I am upset I definitely have some Scorpionic looks going on.

Another way to know is by their voice.  No matter how it sounds, it typically never draws attention to ones self (unless you have a Sagittarius rising like myself).  A Scorpio knows what they are and what they are not, making them very confident people.  Insults will be laughed off (or stared off) by anyone that throws one our way.  It is rare to find a nitwit, nervous, or aloof person that has a Scorpio sun, very rare. 

Most Scorpios have very sharp features especially their nose, and also tend to have fairer skin.  They have prominent brows and there is something very powerful about their aura without them having to say a word.  Most Scorpios will have dark hair with a reddish tint and dark eyes.  However, there are plenty of blonde Scorpios out there too (like myself) although my natural hair color does have a tint of red in it when hit by the sun.  Grace Kelly, who is my fashion muse, is also another blonde Scorpio.  There is something poised and almost royal (not quite like a Leo) about these people.  Their cool and collect nature is there to hide something.  It is there to hide the passion that boils inside of them every day.

When a Scorpio smiles, it’s genuine.  It may not be often, but when it happens you know it will be real.  Their bodies rarely have any nervous twitches or wringing of hands.  They stay still with all of the poise in the world.  There are Scorpio’s that have a very friendly and outgoing manner, but look really deep into their eyes and make sure that you do not take their kindness for weakness.  That is probably the worst thing you could ever do to a Scorpio.  Be on your guard with every Scorpio you meet, I don’t mean that to make you fearful, just remember that these people no matter how nice they come off, they are not naive or soft.

Scorpios tend to be very black and white.  If you compliment one they will tend to say, “Yes, I know” with a smirk in the corner of their mouth. When you ask this person a favor, they will either say yes or no.  There is no maybe with this bunch.  If you are a sensitive soul and you want advice from someone who is going to stroke your ego, feel bad for you, and wipe your tears; don’t go to a Scorpio.  A Scorpio tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.  It’s beneath these people to dish out a compliment just to make someone like them, so if you get one it is genuine.  You either love, respect, and admire the Scorpio you know or hate them.  There really isn’t a lot of gray matter in liking the people that are born under this sign.

I’ve made us sound so harsh, but there is a true sweetness with this sign as well.  There are typically very cool or very hot Scorpios.  I would say myself that I am a hot one.  My personality has a little bit of fire to it.  The people in this sign can really go either way.  This is considered the darkest sign in the Zodiac, seeing that it is the sign that represents death.  It is our constant struggle as a Scorpio to crawl out of the dark and into the light.  If you look at our glyph, you will see that there is an arrow pointing up representing this struggle.  We must remember to always find the light in our deep emotions that can at times drown this Water sign.

If you want a friend that will lay down in the road for you, befriend a Scorpio.  They are fiercely loyal and protective over their family and friends.  If you are having an affair with a Scorpion’s love, I fear for your life my friend.  Get out now while you are still have a chance (you probably don’t).  They are the most powerful sign in the Zodiac being that they are a Fixed Water sign.  Some even have power to do black magic, which in the end can lead to hurting themselves.  A Scorpio is not about evening a score in a battle, if you hurt one when they did not deserve it they will return the favor ten fold.  It may not be right away in a loud scene, but it will come.  However, if you are kind to a Scorpio it will never be forgotten and richly rewarded.

Scorpios are very rarely sick, but when they are it is usually nothing small.  Most Scorpios are very inquisitive about religion, death, birth, and sex.  They also have a strange desire to protect those who are weaker than themselves.  They have this because they are very empathetic and can feel peoples emotions around them, whether it be pain or happiness. There is just something very hypnotic and almost powerful that transfixes you on these people.  If they want something in life, if they REALLY want it, it is rare that their wish does not come true.  These people will fixate on a goal until it becomes reality and then move onto their next mission. Scorpios can use this power for both good and bad, light or dark.  That is what I mean when this sign can go either way, and what I mean when we must always find the light.

Yes, Scorpios are intense but once you have one on your side you will have gained a gentle soul, an amazing lover, a loyal friend, and a very strong ally for life.  Well worth the risk of getting stung, just behave yourself.

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