Each Sun Sign possesses a quality of love that the other does not.  However, each sign also possesses lack of  understanding of love that they need to learn.  The guide below is to help you with any relationship to understand what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are.  For example; I am a Scorpio so I will teach whomever I am in love with how to love passionately, but my weakness is that I don’t know how to completely surrender.  Being a Fixed sign, I have a very hard time letting go of control.  In my past relationship I learned from my Virgo that love is pure.  I always used to believe that love had a catch until I met him.  Go through them and look at current and/or past relationships that you have had and you will make the connection.  The first six signs of the karmic wheel are ones that everyone must pass through at least once before getting to the last six.


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