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Being a fan of this show and loving astrology for as long as I can humanly remember, I always wondered what these lady’s Astrological signs would be.  Whenever I had a bad day, or maybe there was nothing good on my DVR, I would always turn to this show.  It taught all of us how to go through bad breakups and still remember that we always have our friends there. I always loved how each of them always had different strengths and weaknesses, different careers, and different life choices; yet they always remained loving, supportive, and appreciative of each other.  That is how my group of friends are, and I always thank God for them.  Seeing that I was not able to find their birthdays anywhere online, I have come up with what I would strongly believe each one of these ladies are.   I have totally made my mind up and can’t wait to share my thoughts in this post…

Carrie Bradshaw
Sun Sign: Aquarius  – Element: Air – Quadruplicity: Fixed – Polarity: Positive

Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of an Aquarius woman!  From her unconventional way of dressing, to her wild and crazy hair.  They love to wear their hair in as many different ways as possible; buns, curly, straight, messy…. you get the idea.  In the show, you will see Carrie’s hair change every time she has a new outfit on, it’s never the same.  Her kooky outfits fit the bill as well.  Aquarian’s love crowds and to saturate themselves in their friendships, but when they are alone they enjoy it thoroughly.  They are also analyzing everyone and every situation.  That’s what Carrie’s column is all about, her analyzing every life event around her.  I think my favorite part of the show is actually when Carrie is alone and you can hear her thoughts as she writes.  She’s always looking out the window and pondering life.  My desk also faces a window which now I know helps the writing process quite a bit.  Aquarians are also very free spirited and eccentric. They love listening to people’s troubles and sharing sympathetic understanding with friends, which is probably why she is always the first one the girls call when a problem arises.  We all have a therapist in our group of friends.  You can’t pin an Aquarian woman to a post, which is why I truly believe her and Aidan and his bucket of chicken didn’t work out.  Most of us, myself included, were thinking, “What is wrong with you Carrie?  He is a perfect man!”  But what you need to understand is that Aquarians love their freedom too much for that type of relationship. They are as inconsistent with love as they are with the way they dress from day to day.  It is just in their nature.  If you look at the men Carrie dated over the 6 seasons the show ran, none of the men she dated were very similar.  That is how it is with these women.  Much like Gemini (another Air Sign), they shift and change in a blink of an eye what they want and how they feel about most things.  It is what makes them so beautiful, exciting, and complex.  Aquarian’s tagline should be, “She belonged to everyone, and yet no one.”  Money is never a prime concern of these ladies either.  That shows after her and Aidan break up and she needs money to buy her apartment back.  Saving is typically not their strong point. They are extremely adaptable people though, fitting into all sorts of different types of social settings which we see Carrie constantly doing. The fact that her and Big decide to not have children is also not shocking for an Aquarius woman, a Cancer yes but not an Aquarian.  They make wonderful mothers but the idea of raising children puzzles them.  Carrie’s sudden inspiration and strange intuition makes her an Aquarius without a doubt.  There is something that is magical about these women.

Miranda Hobbes
Sun Sign: Virgo – Element: Earth – Quadruplicity: Mutable – Polarity: Negative

 I am not going to lie, I struggled with this one a little bit.  I was torn between Virgo and Capricorn, but three things were a dead giveaway as to why she is a Virgo.  1. Magda 2. Steve 3. Brady.  Yes, most of you are going to fight me on this one and say without a doubt that she is a Capricorn because she is a career woman and because she hides her feelings, but I have to disagree.  I am a career woman and I’m a Scorpio, plus there are plenty of other Sun Signs that typically are not the warmest when it comes to feelings.  Whenever you are guessing what someone’s Sun Sign is, you have to take into consideration the personal LIFE choices that people make.  So let’s get started with as to why I believe she is a Virgo… 1. Magda – Miranda is without a doubt a perfectionist. She hired Magda to keep her house perfect because she works so many hours at her firm.  As I mentioned in a previous post The Virgo Woman; They love perfection, but find it exhausting to keep up with.  2. Steve – She was very hard on Steve when they first meet.  Virgo’s are very nit picky and critical people by nature.  They expect the best from everyone around them, which can at times make them feel very cold.  Like I have said many times, they are critical but kind hearted.  Sounds like Miranda, doesn’t it?  A Capricorn woman loves financial security, especially with the one she is dating or marrying.  They are climbers.  Virgo’s are just looking for their one true love.  I love Steve, but I just don’t see a Capricorn woman being in love with someone of his nature.  3. Brady – As I mentioned also in The Virgo Woman; Virgos do not have a strong desire for children because they do not find emotional fulfillment through them.  This is typically not the case for Capricorn women.  Miranda was seriously considering an abortion when she found out she was pregnant, and then ended up decided against it obviously.  So there are the big three!  Some other dead giveaways that she is also a Virgo is how critical she is.  She is the one in their group that keeps it real.  She is always is the one to give her honest and sometimes harsh opinion, that is sometimes needed in this group of women.  She never ever gave Carrie the dreamy hopes that Charlotte did about Big to to make Carrie feel like they were going to work out.  She did it out of love and protection for her friend, that’s a true Virgo trait.  She never sugarcoats anything.  She is always there though even when times get rough for her friends being the steady earth sign that she is, even though she’d rather be on the couch eating chocolate cake and watching Jules & Mimi on her TiVo.  But every now and then you see her tender and pure Virgo heart shine through.
Charlotte York
Sun Sign: Pisces – Element: Water – Quadruplicity: Mutable – Polarity: Negative

This was the other one I debated on… She was either a Cancer or a Pisces.  Yes I know I know, Cancer is the sign that represents motherhood.  I just believe by true character that she is a Pisces.  Pisces women need to belong to someone like their need for oxygen.  They may play as though they are these extremely independent beings, but they truly prefer being in a relationship.  When was Charlotte ever single?  She jumped out of one marriage and right into another by marrying her divorce lawyer.  She also changed religions for him as well.  That is not a very Cancer like thing to do at all.  Pisces women are very illusive creatures.  They can truly make you believe that it is time to get married, when it may be time to break up.  Remember Charlotte and Trey’s engagement?  They were standing outside of Tiffany’s and convinced him to marry her, then made up a story of how he romantically proposed.  Pisces women are ALL WOMAN.  They are, next to Libra, the most feminine sign in the zodiac.  Pisces women will never hail their own taxi or reach for the check on the first date.  They will wear fluffy hats in the winter, and full beautifully printed dresses in the summer because they are feminine in every season.  Like I mentioned, Pisces are masters of illusions by making people see something that it may not be.  A perfect example of that was when she had the magazine come in and do the shoot of her home when her and Trey had already decided on a divorce.  She painted the picture in the magazine for all little girls who read Better Homes & Gardens and wear their mother’s pearls, that her life was one to be envied.  Her divorce was final before the magazine ever hit the stands.  One other dead giveaway to me that she is a fish is after she miscarried, she decided it would be too hard to go to Miranda’s baby shower.  She sat on the couch and watched a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor who is one of the most iconic Pisces women to date.  She found strength through her story seeing that her hardships were relatable to her own.  She wiped her tears and put on a very Elizabeth Taylor inspired dress and arrived at the shower.  She later names her dog Elizabeth Taylor as well.  Her career is also very fitting for a fish.  They love the arts, and Charlotte’s job at the gallery would make any Pisces swoon.  In a marriage they prefer to be taken care of than bringing home the bacon.  She shows this when she quits her coveted position at the gallery.  Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, and she never gave hers up of having the family she always wanted.

Samantha Jones
Sun Sign: Sagittarius – Element: Fire – Quadruplicity: Mutable – Polarity: Positive

This was an easy one.  Samantha is a Sagittarius 100%.  Sag’s don’t always say the things you want to hear.  They just say whatever is on their mind.  Most of the time they will shock you by their honest and sometimes ridiculous comments.  They definitely have their own brand of charm.  If you do not accept them for who they are, they could honestly care less.  Most Sagittarians live alone because they are one of the most independent signs as well as not having extremely strong family ties.  I don’t ever remember mention of Samantha’s family in the show in any of the six seasons.  They also love to travel.  It was after all Samantha’s idea and connection to get them all to Dubai, she is the one who also left New York to uproot to California after she had spent her whole career in the City.  Very Archer like of her.  This is not a woman you order around, however they don’t care for wishy washy men.  They need a strong man with a backbone.  Richard and Smith Jerrod were great examples of that.  They never told Samantha what to do or how to behave, but they were both strong men.  Sag women are extremely forward and don’t play games with their partner.  These women are rarely weepy or sad over a guy leaving, mostly because they do the leaving.  These women are very skittish about marriage.  She is typically very unconventional when it comes to relationships and typically doesn’t care a whole lot about her reputation regarding that matter.  That doesn’t mean she is the wildest girl in town, she just knows what she wants and doesn’t have a problem expressing it.  Obviously Samantha shows us that with her multiple hookups on the show.  She doesn’t apologize for anything.  Her reputation in the PR world is impeccable however.  PR is a great occupation for a Sagittarius considering they are a mutable sign.  They love any type of show business.  Some of the biggest pop stars ever were Sags – Brintey Spears, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, etc.  Just because this woman isn’t the best homemaker, has a casual attitude towards dating, and hesitant towards marriage; she still has an incredible heart.  Her honesty is a mark of her character, although sometimes a little alarming, it is endearing.  Although they are not ones to be tied down she was very loyal to Smith.  Towards the end of it however she started to lose herself.  When that happens to any Sagittarius, they will feel a need to break free to go and find themselves again.  Like she tells him during their breakup, “I love you, but I love me more.”

Whatever these ladies are astrologically, they showed us all the meaning of true friendship.  They showed us that the relationship that we have with ourselves is the most important one we will ever have, and they taught us that a cocktail or five is okay after a bad break up.  These women are loveable because they are relatable.  I can find pieces of myself in every single one of these women.  That’s what makes it one of the best shows ever created.  Just like astrology we are all individuals.  We are all flawed and have gone through painful and character building situations.  It is what makes us beautiful and different.  Variety is the spice of life – I’m sure Samantha would agree.

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