Taurus Woman – Capricorn Man

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All Taurus women have excellent memories.  She will definitely not forget the day she meet her Capricorn man.  These two will start seeing their future together shortly after they meet.  The cosmos knows what they are doing when they bring these two Earth Signs together.  They just hit the relationship jackpot.  Considering Capricorns and Taurus rarely talk about their personal lives, you may not hear about their truly romantic and deep relationship as much as you would of a water or fire sign.  If these two meet and fall in love, there is a very good chance that they could be twin souls.  They may not believe that by just reading this blog because they are believers in things that are tangible, but deep down they can feel it.  It’s a beautiful thing to see when these two first meet.  It is as though they fall into their earthly world together, and fate just starts to unfold.  
The Capricorn and Taurus have natural chemistry that will make things go smooth, but just like any relationship there will be places of struggle.  He is a Cardinal sign and she is Fixed.  He is a leader and she is an organizer.  Sometimes they may squabble about a decision here and there.  She is a creature of habit so when he wants to lead her in a direction or decision that is out of her comfort zone, he may have to do some coaxing.  One thing that is very important to these two is having a strong sense of security; emotional, financial, and everything in-between.  They may not be throwing roses, chocolates, and poems at one another but one thing that they do share is patience.  Patience gives birth to a lot of other beautiful things in a relationship like devotion, faith, and loyalty.  When you have those characteristics in a relationship, it creates a strong loving bond that nothing can break.  One other thing that they share together is sentiment.  She may not seem like the most sentimental person you will ever meet, but it’s there.  Yes, she is and always will be practical, but she has a love for her home, friends, and family that is steadfast.  She is also stubborn towards change, not because she doesn’t see the good in it, but because she holds value to the sentiment of tradition.  She is soft hearted but strong headed, got it?  She knows exactly what she wants, and will pursue it but she never rushes things.  This is one thing her Capricorn will adore about her.  This will make her seem so feminine to him, which is extremely attractive.  He will love her gentle manner, her beautiful voice, and her beautiful curves which are great for snuggling.  He will love her sense of humor and her cooking; all of this will make him forget her stubbornness.  It won’t matter a bit.  
Sometimes after these two have been together for a while, it will be hard to tell them apart.  Their personalities, habits, and traits will start to blend.  I will tell you how to tell them apart though.  She doesn’t waste energy on much, especially about what people say or think of her.  She does appreciate approval, but if she has made her mind on how something should be she will not be swayed by others thoughts or opinions.  When she hears something has been said about her, she will shrug her shoulders and go on her way.  She has too much self-respect to care.   He cares a lot more than she does on these matters.  He may act like he doesn’t need outer approval or may shrug his shoulders if something is said about him, but deep down he truly cares.  Don’t get me wrong, a Taurus appreciates a compliment here and there, but she does not need it as much as her man.  She will know when he is upset about these things and will console him without him even needing to ask.  These two can feel each other without words.  
In sex they have a different yet compatible approach.  She is very sensual, erotic, and subtle.  She has a way with words that are not overbearing but desirable.  He is better showing this with physicality, intensity, and directness.  He is unrestrained in the bedroom and doesn’t need any frills or delicacy.  Sometimes her sensuality may make him feel inadequate and sometimes his directness may seem cold, but if you can meet in the middle you will find perfection.  She will teach him how to express his deepest emotions, and he will make her feel comfortable to express her intensity.  Sometimes this man in the past has separated sex and love as two very separate things, but with her he will finally understand what it is to feel them as one.  Sex without love leaves the body cold, and love without sex leaves soul empty.  He may know the meaning of both, but has finally found them together with her.  
In the past he may have been called selfish, cold, and too practical.  In the past she may have been called stubborn, stale, or boring.  They only put these facades up as barriers to others to protect their hearts at a distance.  These two both place high value on their hearts, as anyone should.  They are not typically believers in fate…… until they meet each other.  It is almost as though an earthquake takes place the day they meet and every wall, barrier, and facade they ever built crumbles to the ground.  What a freeing feeling that must be indeed.    


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