The Cancer Child



The Cancer Child


Your Cancer baby will change their mood as often as you change their diaper.  She will love to eat, and love to look at colorful things with her sharp eyes.  From the time she wakes until the time she closes her beautiful eyes to go to sleep at night, she will be constantly remembering every little part of the day.  They are a lot of fun to play with and their eyes can usually talk to you before they actually can.  The faces that they can make will be entertaining and sometimes hilarious, expressing all of the emotions that they feel inside.  My dear Libran friends just had a Cancer daughter and one minute she is a spitting image of her mother and the next she looks just like her dad.  I enjoy some of the funny faces she is already portraying, especially her drunk milk face.  Cancers love to eat! 

When she gets older she will want to be cuddled and adored just like she was when she was a baby.  My six year old twin sisters are both Cancers and they are the biggest snuggle bunnies you will ever meet.  They are extremely affectionate little girls.  Sometimes Cancer children have a hard time expressing their deep emotion, so be sensitive with them.  You may even find them to be good gift givers to their friends who are nice to them.  My sister Alaina was adamant on sending me a picture in the mail that she had colored for me.  When my mother asked her what it was for she replied, “Because I love D.D., and she is nice to me.”  There you have it. 

Your Cancer baby will often be very well behaved and even tend to play by themselves.  They are often known to have imaginary friends that are also well behaved as well.  As sweet as these children are, remember that they are a Cardinal sign and a natural born leader.  They are not followers and are little individuals with their own way of thinking.  They also tend to be a bit spoiled.  They are emotional, so when they don’t get their way they will get very sad and weepy.  They tend to cry quite a bit as well because their feelings tend to be deeper than we understand.  You want to coddle them and caress their broken hearts because they are just so sweet. 

These sweet and sensitive souls may have a few fears.  They may be afraid of the dark, loud noises, strangers, fires, or animals.  Do not make fun of them for these things, just buy her a nightlight and tell her you are right down the hall.  Their fears may be silly to you, but if you are not sensitive of this child’s fears it will only damage them for later years.  Many mothers will sense that their Cancer baby needs this extra sensitivity, so when the child goes out into the real world they don’t get quite the treatment that they get at home.  You will notice in previous posts that I always talk about Cancer men loving their mothers; well this is why.  A Cancer man has to be a man in the real world.  It is not as acceptable for a man to show emotion like it is a woman, so when he goes home to his mother she will baby him the way he truly desires.  This brings a special bond and special understanding to these two that most men may not have with their mothers.  Make sense now? 

In school the Cancer child’s favorite subject will most likely be history or reading.  The reason for this is that their imagination allows them to feel the characters back in the time of the story and almost relive what they went through.  I asked my sisters what their favorite subjects are in school, Alaina answered reading the Alexa answered recess.  I told Alexa that recess is not a subject and she told me she didn’t care cause she likes playing with her friends.  Individual thinking to its finest right there.  Some teachers may complain that your child is stubborn or that they don’t pay attention in classes, but it really is because they are just daydreaming.  They love to use their vivid imaginations.

A lot of Cancers may love hobbies like photography, having a little garden, and art.  So buy your babe lots of creative things to be able to express their emotions through.  Sometimes their stories can be dramatic and very unrealistic.  I was told a story about a unicorn who was a princess in a faraway land by Alexa, she was so excited that I listened with such intent and that I actually talked about this fanciful unicorn with her for a solid 30 minutes.  She thought it was great fun. 

Cancers also love to work for pay.  Getting their allowance may be the most exciting part of their week.  You may even find them searching the neighborhood for jobs they can do for extra money, or they may have the best lemonade stand in town.  They tend to be wonderful little savers.  They will shine in anything with business and finance, and will gladly work their way through college.

These children are funny, sweet, sensitive, and their laugh is absolutely contagious.  Yes they can tend to be a tad moody, but their moods will pass and before you know it they will be making a crazy face at you that makes you laugh.  When your baby grows he or she may leave you with an empty home to start their own family, or venture the business world using their incredible leadership to climb the ranks, but they will never forget about home.  They will enjoy coming home many times a year to revisit their nostalgic childhood memories so always make sure you have their favorite comfort food ready.

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