What woman doesn’t love an incredible pair of shoes?  Shoes can make or break an outfit.  Women express themselves through the pumps they pick, which is why I had to do this fun post!  Below you will find out which shoe I believe relates to your Sun Sign the best. 
Christian Louboutin – Very Mix -150mm Platform Red Pumps
These red pumps scream Aries.  Red is Aries color, which is appropriate considering they are a Fire sign.  Mars is the planet of war which rules Aries, making these spikes perfect for battle.
Diane von Furstenberg – 2013 Fall-Winter
All of the practical and sensual Taurus women out there would love to own this pair of soft leather heels.  They are an Earth sign, and one of their colors is brown.  These shoes are practical, but the strap and peep toe make them sexy.

Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Spikes – Fluorescent

Geminis are bright, colorful, and fun just like these fluorescent shoes.  Geminis quick and ever changing mind constantly need to be entertained, and I think these shoes will do the trick.

Chanel 2013
Cancers are the Goddess of the moon.  Their birthstone is pearl which is so fitting because Cancers have a hard shell, but if you can get past that to their soft core, it is as beautiful as a pearl.  Totally worth the work.
Tom Ford – Metallic Gold Gladiator Boot – Spring 2013
 Leo women love to be the center of attention.  Their big, bold, and fiery personalities command attention when they walk into a room.  These shoes definitely do just that.  Her color is gold and she is royalty.  What else would she wear?
Alexander McQueen – Spring 2011
 These beautiful shoes are as intricate as the Virgo mind.  Virgos burn a bright white heat, and these shoes would add to that element.  Most people would worry about dirtying a white shoe, but a Virgo’s shoes are always spotless.
Christian Louboutin – Spring 2013
Libras are all about balance and these shoes are just that.  They are the balance between hard and soft just like her personality.  She is the woman with the iron fist in a velvet glove, and these shoes give that effect.
Christian Louboutin – 2013 Cage Bootie
Scorpios are mysterious and sexual which makes these perfect.  They have a caged exterior to protect their inner passion.  They are intense just like these shoes.  I just recently bought a pair of Michael Kors “York” Ankle Boots that remind me of these.  They were speaking to my inner Scorp…. I had to get them. 
GUCCI – 2013 Fall-Winter
These shoes make a statement.  They are very “Robin Hood” inspired which is perfect for the archer Sagittarians.  Sags are a Fire sign, very outspoken, and say whatever comes to their mind.  I could totally see a Sag rock these incredible kicks.
Gareth Pugh – Ankle Boots – Fall 2013


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