The Virgo Man


The Virgo Man


There are three types of Virgo men; 1. Ones that are perfectionists with keeping their surroundings immaculate 2. Ones that are perfectionists on their personal appearance 3. Ones that are perfectionists about both.  The one I am talking about above is without a doubt #2.  You will never see him dressed sloppy or have a hair out of place, but his room usually looks like a tornado hit it. One thing they all are is talkers.  A Virgo is a mutable earth sign which makes them incredibly talkative and excellent at communicating. 

This man was born with an instinct to work, and work hard.  They will usually be the last ones leaving the office, either because they were talking too much or because they get so focused on something that they lose track of time.  They love having a duty and being disciplined.  They also have a devotion to help people that are less fortunate than themselves.  They were the one on the playground sticking up for the kid who was getting bullied.  If the Virgo you know isn’t fully developed into his ultimately perfect self, you will see him feeling guilty.  All Virgos have an idea of the “perfect them”.  They are perfectionists by nature.  They are very hard and critical on themselves just like they are on everything around them, whether they express it outwardly or not.

These men are not ones for over the top ooshy gooshy mushy love.  It scares them straight out of their comfort zone.  Don’t worry though, if you do it right, this man can be melted at the right temperature.  There are ways to this man’s heart if done properly.  Being aggressive with this man will never work.  Virgo men seek quality over quantity when it comes to finding a partner.  Because this is a rare thing to find and because his perfectionist standards are so high, a lot of his relationships will end sadly.  When a Virgo is sad they will bury themselves in work or working out; anything to get themselves to their perfect idea of themselves.  If they got out of a relationship they will be extremely cautious and picky in the next one, so have tact and patience with this man.  These men are the bachelors of the zodiac.  There are more Virgo men that are single than any other sign, not because they want to be but because they never feel a need to be. 

This man is sharply intellectual and made of solid earth.  He can detach himself enough to be quite the flirt, but because of his nature his flirtations rarely leave being platonic.  When he meets the right girl though, you will know.  Virgos, as I mentioned in a previous post, when in love create a white hot heat that you can absolutely feel.  Their love is pure and vivacious.  There is something innocent and sweet in the way they love, almost playful.  Consider yourself lucky if you have this from a Virgo man, because most of their interests are aloof.  He is as picky as choosing a woman as picky as he is about what he’s going to eat, how he does his hair, and his work habits.  You could definitely consider this man to be indecisive.  The Virgo man I know will change his order at a restaurant so many times you want to crawl under the table and die.  He isn’t trying to be a pain in the ass, he does it because he wants to make sure what he chooses is perfect.  He wants a civilized, truthful, and genuine relationship which he knows is hard to find.  Sometimes he is frustrating to be with because he can go for a very long time without feeling a need to permanently be with you.  It’s enough to make you pull your hair out if you are in love with this man.  The key to being with him is a lot patience.  Something, being a Scorpio, I wish I had more of.

They say that a Virgo man’s love is like a steady flame.  It rarely fluctuates unlike most Sun Signs.  One very romantic trait about these men is that when they are genuinely in love and have chosen you, they may wait years later to claim you.  He is a lot like prince charming trying to find Cinderella to fit the glass slipper.  There really is only one right woman for him which explains why they are so particular as well as why most of them are still single.  He is extremely good when emotional hardships come into play.  He won’t shower you with expensive gifts, but his consideration and support is worth more than any man made object money can buy.

This man knows how to play it cool under extremely stressful situations.  Virgos can put on one hell of a poker face.  They can pretend that something shocking and innapropriate is of total disinterest to them.  He is not a jealous or possesive man by any means.  He will give you all the freedom in the world, but don’t take a mile when you are given an inch with this man.  If he feels as though you are disloyal or promiscuous in any way, he will cut you from his life so accutely you will feel as though you never existed.  He is loyal to a fault.  He hates cutting family ties for any reason because of this trait.  Self-discipline is engrained in his nature so if he does decide to cut ties with you it will truly be for good.  He won’t make a scene of it, it will just be over and he will not change his mind.

If you are in love with a Virgo man you better put your thinking cap on.  They have no patience for sloppy, ignorant, or stupid people.  The way this Virgo man fell in love with me was when I told him my favorite book was Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and Civil Disobedience.  That may not sound very romantic to most, but that was what did it for him.  Dress neat and have a tamed hairstyle.  They aren’t crazy for neon and crimped quaffs.  She could be the sexiest woman in the world, but if she is a pleasure-seeking lazy broad, she won’t make the cut.  He’s looking for a wife, not a hook up.

Generally these men, like Virgo women, don’t have a strong need for family life.  They tend to have smaller families beacause they don’t find emotional fulfillment through it.  If and when he does have a family, he will love helping with homework and will put strong emphasis on education.  They won’t spoil their children with toys, but to hell or high water will make it to every soccer game they ever play.  They will get plenty of cool and controlled discipline from him, but they will look up to him in every aspect.  He must remember though to not be too critical on his young ones. 

This man is reliable and pleasnt.  He will have funny habits and quirks that all Virgos have that make you adore him even more; such as playing with rubber bands in his hands all day, or make you watch YouTube clips until you wish YouTube didn’t exist anymore.  He is not an angel by any means, but if this man is yours you will have a lot of women who are jealous that this incredible man loves you.  Afterall, how many women have smart boyfriends who dress well, are not making passes at other women, prefer to be home, and are extremely considerate?  There is an aura about this man that afterall is angelic.  When you are looking into his clear eyes you may even start to see a halo form over his perfeclty combed hair.

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