Aquarius Woman – Pisces Man

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The Aquarius woman is chalk full of surprises.  She will do the most unexpected things for the shock factor, or simply because she became bored.  Maybe one day he will come home from work and their bags will be packed by the door.  When he asks why, she will tell him that she booked them a vacation because she was restless one day.  Maybe he will walk in one day to the dog being tied teal, and when he asked her what happened she will tell him that the dog was always that color and she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  You will rarely have a dull moment with this woman.  If you want to keep her around, do not be boring.  That is one thing she will not be able to stick around for.

Pisces is definitely not as exciting and kooky as his Aquarian companion, but it is just as hard to shock this man as it is to shock her.  He understands people, all kinds of people.  They are very tolerant and understanding of all personality traits.  Pisces are very charming and curious which will be wonderful for the Aquarian woman.  They tend to be very thoughtful men, unless of course they are in one of their rare cranky moods.  He is an extremely generous man with the ones that he loves, and would give anything to make them happy.  To Pisces, worldly things don’t have much value to them.  They are all about the experience that life has to give them, and sometimes go against the demands that the world asks of them.  This can sometimes take a huge toll on their career in life.  It’s not that they don’t want one; it’s just that they don’t know, or have the energy to turn their dreams into reality.  If you have a fish that found a way to become worldly successful you will enjoy the finer things in life.  Whichever Pisces man you have, the Aquarius understands that the most valuable thing about her man is the intangible things at he can give her; his love, his thoughts, his dreams, and his beautiful heart.  Aquarian women know that these things are more valuable that anything money could ever buy, because they are tuned into reality.  Even though they can be a little out there at times, they always know what is going on.  She treasures things that can be felt with her senses.

Once he is with his Aquarian for a while, he will learn to always expect the unexpected.  She is exciting and unconventional.  She doesn’t go by the book; she is without a doubt a unique individual.  I am not saying that they are not practical, because they definitely can be.  There is just something different about them.  Something that makes them stand out from all of the rest.  They are naturally humanitarians, and are very kind.  Even with those traits, she actually doesn’t care what people think of her.  At a time or two, her Pisces man will ask her to please the neighbors by keeping her loud singing down, or to get rid of her pet ferret that escapes to their yard every day,  or when she yells COCK A DOODLE DOO every morning when she wakes up because she was raised on a farm and she misses her pet rooster.  You never know with this one.

One thing that these two do have in common is that they hate to make promises.  They don’t tend to keep them very well.  She does not believe on swearing on things, and he has a problem with following through.  She will say that she will do her best, but never promise.

When she falls in love with her Pisces she will tell him everything; her issues, philosophies, morals, religion, and ideas.  She does this to see what he thinks about them.  She doesn’t need comforting and a shoulder to weep on like a Cancer may, she just wants his advice.  When she freely goes on her way away from his advice and messes up he will forgive her.  This security and patience is something that she loves and feels comforted by.  He will be there for her emotionally, but if she hurts him too much or too bad, he will swim away never to be seen again.  He does not like constant confrontation because it hurts his fragile soul.  She can also digress from a relationship, but in a different way. She will disappear in a flash of colorful lights and quite loudly.  She loves her freedom, and she is not willing to be locked in any cage.

Their sex life is quite on experiment.  She is a Fixed Air Sign and he is a Mutable Water Sign.  They may not feel total oneness right away; it will take time with these two to learn how to blend with one another.  She loves life and he loves miracles, if they learn how to blend their love making can be quite enchanted.  Over time they will find naturalness with one another where her wind blows gently over his waters making a cool mist.  Before any of that though he must prove to her that he is her friend.  Friendship is tied into every relationship that Aquarius has, and is crucial for them to feel close to someone.  Aquarius order of importance goes; friendship, love, and then sex.  She must believe in Pisces dreams for him to feel close to her.  Friendship and dreams…. doesn’t sound too bad.

Pisces greatest weakness is that he gives too much that it may hurt him personally.  The beauty of this is that his Aquarius does not see it as a weakness at all.  She finds self-sacrifice to be strength, and the root of what friendship should be about.  The greatest flaw in Aquarius is her fixed nature of not wanting to conform to what others think or do and her constant need for change.  To her Pisces it is not a flaw at all; it is actually what made him fall for her in the first place.  When they are a little crazy together magic tends to happen.

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